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Sexuelle Verfassung und Libido: Was ist es und wo liegt der Unterschied?

Angelika Nazarenko

Psychologe, Sexologe
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    19. Mai 2023
Sexuelle Verfassung und Libido: Was ist es und wo liegt der Unterschied?

   The quantity and quality of sex are one of the most common topics with which couples come to specialists. One of the partners feels too much sex; the other feels too little. One feels dissatisfied; the other feels pressure. It is stereotypically believed that sex should be a lot, that it should be at least twice a week, and if it is less - it is perceived as an "indicator of the problems" of the relationship. But in fact, we are all different, and everyone needs a different amount of sex.

   In sexology, there is a term: "sexual constitution" - our sexual temperament. It is a characteristic that is embedded in us at the genetic level. Sexual temperament is given to us from birth and is unchanged throughout life, and it determines the level of sexual need.

   Libido is the desire to have sex, and sexual constitution is the physiological ability and needs to have sex, given by nature. The libido can change from many psycho-emotional factors - from an emotional state, where sexual intercourse occurs, the nature of the relationship with a partner, conflicts, lack of sleep, taking medications, and so on, but the sexual constitution remains the same.

   Sexual desire (libido) does not depend on gender, although there is a widespread belief that men want sex more than women.This is not true; sexual desire depends on sexual constitution.

   In men, the sexual constitution is important:

• Age of libido awakening (sexual desire, libido);
• Age of the first ejaculation (regardless of whether it happened through intercourse, masturbation, or pollution);
• Type of pubic hairiness, number of body hairs;
• Trochanter index (TI) - to calculate it, you need to find the lump protruding from the side of your thigh (it is easy to feel if you shake your hips a little) - the greater trochanter of the thigh bone. Measure the length of your leg from the knoll you have found to the floor. To determine the TI, divide your height by the resulting leg length.
• Maximum excess (the maximum number of sexual acts in a day, provided that each of them ends in ejaculation).

   There is an interesting fact: men and women with a solid sexual constitution have shorter legs concerning the torso and increased hairiness.

   There are three categories of sexual constitution - strong, medium, and weak (norm indicators). We will talk about this in the following articles.

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