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Survey on HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care, and Support: Insights from Sequoia Users


Between December 14, 2023, and January 23, 2024, a user survey was conducted to gauge Understanding Insights on HIV-Related Awareness and Interest among Sequoia users.


The survey was electronically administered through the Sequoia app. Participants were recruited voluntarily from the user base and contributed to a total of 327 male respondents, offering valuable insights on HIV-Related Awareness and Interest.


While awareness of HIV status is relatively high, interest in specific aspects of HIV prevention, treatment, and related topics varies widely. The key findings include:

  • Awareness of HIV Status: A significant portion is aware (64.2%), but there's a notable percentage with limited awareness or confusion (35.8%).
  • Interest in Learning about HIV Protection and Screenings: There's a moderate interest (38.8%), with a diverse range of responses indicating varying levels of willingness to learn (from 15 to 27%).
  • Interest in Living with HIV Information: Interest is relatively low (19.3%), with a substantial portion expressing disinterest (32.7%).
  • Interest in Health Consequences of Drug Use: There is notable interest (29.7%), but a significant portion remains disinterested (32.1%).
  • Interest in Health Information Related to Commercial Sex Services: A considerable percentage (35.8%) shows interest.
  • Interest in Men's Health within Same-Sex Relationships: Limited interest (17.1%) is observed.
  • Interest in Information about Gender Transition and Transgender Lives: There is minimal overall interest (7.6%) observed.


The survey emphasizes the need to address confusion (35.8%) about HIV status in Sequoia.

Diverse interest levels in HIV topics highlight the importance of targeted information. Efforts should bridge gaps in living with HIV and same-sex relationships for inclusivity.

Strategic communication is crucial for conveying drug use consequences. Positive responses to commercial sex services indicate an opportunity for valuable insights.

Minimal interest in gender transition information suggests an area for enhanced awareness.


Tailoring educational efforts based on the diverse interests and disinterests revealed in the survey is crucial for effective outreach and engagement within the Sequoia app. The findings provide a roadmap for developing targeted content and support initiatives to address the varying needs and preferences of the user base, ensuring a more impactful and relevant approach to HIV-related awareness and education.

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