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27 January 2023

Diagnostic criteria for porn addiction

    The World Health Organisation does not officially list pornography addiction as a mental health disorder, but this does not affect the emotional distress experienced by those suffering from it.

24 January 2023

Which organs are responsible for an erection?

    An erection is primarily controlled by the brain, which has long been uncontroversial. Specific centers of the spinal cord control the filling of the penis with blood. It also requires monoxide-nitrogen, a substance formed from the amino acid L-arginine, which relaxes the vascular muscles in the penis, so they expand and 'pump' the penis with blood.

20 January 2023

The right time to talk about sex

    In a previous article on “Is it necessary to talk with a partner about sex,” we found out that it is necessary to talk about it.

17 January 2023

The effect of porn on men's psyche

    How harmless is it to watch adult films? How does the psyche of a man who sees nothing wrong with the daily sexual release of watching porn change? Scientists have been studying the answers to these questions for a long time and have concluded that pornography reduces a man's sexual function.

13 January 2023

Important things to know about male intimate hygiene

    Male intimate hygiene is keeping the genital area clean and healthy from an early age. Still, many men miss this critical point and complain about problems with sex, not realizing that it is often because of poor hygiene and an unpleasant odor that partners refuse to have sex.

10 January 2023

Sexual problems among couples

    Sooner or later, all sexual partners run into problems of one kind or another, no matter what the age of the partners is or the length of their relationship. By looking at the most common conflicts, it is possible to avoid or find solutions to problematic situations. For severe conflicts of interest, the help of sexologists or psychotherapists is needed.

06 January 2023

Can diet influence libido?

    Spoiler: it can. But not in the way we think of it. There is no scientific evidence that you can eat a particular product that instantly improves your libido. Any aphrodisiacs, including food ones, are not a medical phenomenon.

30 December 2022

Rules of New Year's Sex

    Most people associate New Year's Eve with magic, presents, and pleasant memories, and today we're going to talk about a New Year's fairy tale, but ...for adults. Have you decided to spend this magic night together with your loved one? That's fine! Just remember to prepare for this festive event and consider several nuances.

27 December 2022

Revolution in Contraception. News From France

    Beginning in the year 2023, France is planning to distribute condoms for free. This program is primarily designed for 18 to 25 years old people. The head of state Emmanuel Macron wrote on his Twitter account that from the New Year, there would be free condoms in pharmacies for young people.

23 December 2022

Sexual Abuse of Men

    Surprisingly, not only is sexual violence against men hardly ever discussed, but it is also not taken seriously.  Men report violence much less frequently. This is influenced by sexist attitudes that have been reinforced in society. It is believed that a man should always be ready for sex and has no right to refuse; a man is strong, and accordingly, he cannot be a victim.

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