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14 August 2023

How to Overcome Shyness in Sex?

The first thing to do is to admit to yourself that there is a shy feeling. Even if the shyness is not a big "shy" feeling, but a slight "shy" of 1 percent.

10 August 2023

What Are Personal Boundaries? How to Explain to a Child?

Each person has a huge inner world! It is a whole universe. We all have our own thoughts, values, beliefs, interests, dreams, fantasies, desires, attitudes, principles, feelings, and emotions inside.

07 August 2023

Smartphones and Male Fertility: Is Carrying a Phone in Your Pocket Harmful?

Is a modern man without a smartphone in his pocket possible today?

But did you know that phones can affect sexual health?

04 August 2023

A teenager is asking about sex. How to talk?

The first thing to consider is the age of consent in your country. This is wholly unromantic but very, very important. This age can vary from country to country. In some countries, it may be 16 years old, and in others, it may be 18. This fact is important to recognize so you don't put yourself or your partner under the law.

31 July 2023

8 Reasons Why a Woman is Not Aroused?

To begin with, the arousal process in men and women is different. Men can get an erection at the sight of a woman's body, an external indicator of arousal.

In women, when arousal occurs vaginal lubrication, but visually it is not visible in most cases. In general, female arousal is longer and depends on various factors that can both promote and inhibit arousal.

24 July 2023

Female Reproductive Organs - Structure of the Reproductive System

The female genital system is more complex than the male, which is due to the critical role a woman plays in nature - carrying and giving birth to a child.

24 July 2023

Sexual Shame: The Most Common Causes

Shame in sex happens to women and men equally. But women's shame in sex, unlike men's, is more socially accepted.

17 July 2023

Structure of the male genital system

The male genital system consists of internal and external organs. 

The former include the seminal ducts, tubules, vesicles, and the prostate and bulbourethral gland; the latter include the male urethra (penis), scrotum, testicles, and pelvic peritoneum. 
14 July 2023

Child Internet Blackmail - What to Do and How to Explain?

The first thing to do is to approach this situation coolly and remain calm. Under no circumstances should you go along with those trying to blackmail you.

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