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07 June 2022

The world of male contraceptives

    Male contraceptives are traditionally split into three groups: barrier, medical and surgical contraceptives. Barrier — condoms, medical — hormonal drugs (male “birth control” pills or injections), surgical — vasectomy, ligation of the vas deferens. 

01 June 2022

Myths and Facts About Masturbation

    Masturbation is a common and normal sexual activity, but many people still feel uncomfortable talking about it or even ashamed about doing it. Unfortunately, old stigmas and myths/misinformation continue to surround the practice of masturbation which, in reality, is a healthy, free way to experience sexual pleasure.

24 May 2022

Why do problems with erections appear?

    Mostly, the negative impact on erection(colloquially "stiffy", "hard-on", and "boner") is caused by three major factors: chronic diseases, incorrect diet, and medicaments.

19 May 2022

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction(ED)? How to recognize ED long in advance?

    ED (colloquially "impotence", "dud") may not clearly reveal itself, but there are indicators that could help to recognize it long before it happens.

14 May 2022

Tight underwear and its impact on men’s health

    Scientists have found proof that the style of men’s underwear influences sperm quality. The tight underwear will lower the concentration of spermatozoids in the sperm and make them less mobile. The glands can work properly at temperatures around 35-36 C, and if this parameter is constantly above the norm it can lead to disruption of the spermatogenesis process and affect the endocrine profile. It can also decrease the quality of ejaculation, which may lead to infertility. Researchers explain that the reason for this is testicles overheating and urge men to carefully choose their underwear.

08 May 2022

How does COVID-19 influence erection?

    The impact of coronavirus on male erectile function is not studied well enough, however studies, already conducted, identified three major factors:

02 May 2022

“Normal” or average penis size: what is it?

    What is an average penis size? Could the average penis length vary depending on geographic location?

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