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Signs of Puberty

  • Published:
    30 May 2023
  • Updated:
    23 February 2024
Signs of puberty

Puberty is a process, a series of changes in your body that transforms you into an adult physically able to reproduce.

What Changes Occur

With the beginning of this period in your life, childhood ends, and a new stage begins. It is essential to understand that puberty is about physical and hormonal changes. Psychological and social changes, on the other hand, are a broader period - puberty, which includes puberty and lasts longer.

First Signs of Puberty in Girls

So, what changes and what happens? In girls, puberty can start from age 8-9: body shape begins to change, mammary glands (breasts) and body hair begin to grow, pimples may appear on the face, menstruation begins, and sudden changes in moods may become normal.

Symptoms of Puberty in Boys

In boys, puberty can begin at age 10-11: the body begins to grow actively and disproportionately, the voice breaks down, acne appears, body hair appears, the penis begins to grow, the first ejaculations happen, nocturnal pollution, and "spikes" in emotions and moods can become normal.

How Long Does Puberty Last?

The good news is that this period can be survived. You'll get through it! Puberty has an ending, and adolescence has an end. This is a difficult but exciting period in which you must find and get to know yourself. It's a time of experimentation, trial, and error to find yourself, rebuild your relationship with the world, and explore your new body and its functions. Don't be afraid to ask your parents questions about it! Don't be shy about exploring yourself. Take care of yourself and your body. Your body will thank you later.

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