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Why Does Body Hair Grow and How to Manage It

  • Published:
    25 September 2023
  • Updated:
    26 January 2024
Body Hair

In the last article, we told you what puberty is. Today we will continue to reveal the topic. Let's talk about the growth of hair during this period, find out whether it is normal, and understand what to do with it.

Where does hair begin to grow at puberty?

During puberty, hair starts growing in the pubic area, in the armpits, on the legs, and it can continue to grow all over the body. Boys start growing facial hair. Sometimes, girls may also develop fine hair above the upper lip and on other parts of the face. Individual physiological characteristics, hormonal balance, and genetic factors determine the color, thickness, and intensity of these hairs.

Is body hair normal?

In most cases, the hair on the body is the same color as the hair on the head. There are also cases where body hair is a few shades lighter or darker than the hair on the head. But in any case, having hair on the body of an adult is completely normal and natural. Hair on the arms, legs, pubic area, etc. grows on everyone. If a person does not have body hair, either they regularly remove it or they may have a condition called alopecia, where there is no hair on the head, eyebrows, or even eyelashes.

What to do with body hair?

What should be done with them? In the past, people didn't really think about what to do with body hair. Men shaved their faces and trimmed their mustaches and beards. The first advertisement for body hair removal powder appeared in 1915, featuring a woman without underarm hair. That's when it all started. Later, the first women's razor appeared, and a big advertising campaign followed, explaining that removing body hair is vital for hygiene. And now, the world is structured in such a way that, for some reason, women are expected to remove body hair, while it is not necessary for men.

How to deal with your body is entirely up to you. Whether to remove these hairs or not is your choice.

How to take care of the body?

To maintain body hygiene, it is necessary to take a shower daily and care for the armpits and external genitalia daily. In simpler terms, wash them daily and use deodorants, for example. This is true for both genders, as hormonal changes occur during puberty, the body begins sweating vigorously, and, consequently, a specific unpleasant odor may emerge.

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