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Olga Drilo

Certified psychologist and psychology teacher (BSPU Institute of Psychology), and a member of the RPO "Belarusian Society of Psychologists". She is also a certified Gestalt therapist after completing two stages of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program. Olga specializes in child and adolescent psychology (certified by the Association of Aesthetic Therapy, Ukraine) and psychotherapy of emotional addictions (specialization from MGI, Moscow).

Olga brings direct experience working with children aged 5 and above, as well as their parents, for over 3 years. Her expertise extends to handling difficult children who fall outside the normative framework, often referred to as “uncomfortable” children. She has also worked internationally, using three languages, through collaboration with the QSI International School in Minsk.

Her professional development includes:

  • 2017: Completed "Practices of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy" training course at BSPU named after Tank.
  • 2018: Completed the first stage of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program, focusing on "Child psychologist. Practical guide" (Association of Aesthetic Therapy, Ukraine). Additionally, completed training in "Children's drawing. Qualitative assessment in the work of a psychologist" (Association of Aesthetic Therapy, Ukraine).
  • 2019: Obtained specialization in "Psychotherapy of emotional addictions" from MGI.
  • 2020: Earned certification from BSPU Institute of Psychology as a psychologist and psychology teacher. Completed the "Psychiatry for Psychologists and Teachers" lecture course at MGI.
  • Starting from 2020: Actively involved as a member of the RPO "Belarusian Society of Psychologists".
  • January 2021: Successfully completed stage 2 of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program, becoming a certified Gestalt therapist.

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