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Sexual Health: Defining Key Aspects and Issues

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  • Published:
    29 September 2023
  • Updated:
    08 November 2023
Sexual Health

Sexual health is the state of being in good physical, emotional, mental, and social relationships that make a person feel good about themselves, strengthen their communication skills, and make them more able to love. However, these feelings can be different for each person.

Aspects of Sexual Health

In that case, what is considered normal? What's the best way to find out if there's a problem with our sexual well-being?

Sexual health does not depend on gender and is the same for everyone. It includes three components:

  • The enjoyment of sexual relationships and the control of sexual behavior in accordance with accepted norms.
  • A lack of fear, shame, guilt, or incorrect beliefs about sex hinders the enjoyment of sex and healthy sexual relationships.

The Importance of Comfort, Safety, and Pleasure

In other words, no one has the right to harm your sexual well-being, coerce you into sexual activity, or force you to bear children. No one is entitled to insult or humiliate you during sexual activity, mock you, or make inappropriate jokes. You should participate in sexual activities on your own and feel secure and comfortable. Each sexual encounter ought to provide both parties with satisfaction, and it is important to note that satisfaction does not necessarily imply the attainment of orgasm. Satisfaction is the feeling of being happy and enjoying sexual encounters.

Sexual Health: More Than Just Physical and Mental Well-being

Physical and mental health is not a reliable indicator of sexual health.
A person's physical and mental state alone does not indicate how satisfied they are with their sexual life or partner. It depends on several factors, including emotional connection, communication, understanding, and mutual satisfaction. The happiness or fulfillment of a person can't be determined by simply looking at them.

What Matters Most in Sexual Health?

The most crucial aspect of sexual well-being is the capacity to perceive what I'm doing and what's being done for me. The emotional component associated with sex is often not perceived at all.

How to Identify Problems?

How can we understand if there are any issues? It's easy! Consider the following question: Does your present sexual lifestyle satisfy you? Your partner? Your sexual and overall health? Do you experience issues with orgasm or erection? Does your physical well-being have a negative impact on your sexual life? Have you had a traumatic experience in the past that has affected your sexual behavior?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should talk to a sexologist about these issues.

International Day of Sexual Health

In 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) proposed to establish September 4th as the International Day of Sexual Health. This holiday was created to raise public awareness about the significance of sexuality in people's lives, destigmatize this topic, and draw attention to the importance of sexual education.

Sexual Health in Video Games

In 2022, the game "The Sims," known for its life simulation status, received a realistic expansion pack from developers titled "Sexual Health." The expansion is divided into three modules: sexual health and pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and a system for adoption, miscarriages, extramarital pregnancies, and teenage pregnancies.
This mod helps individuals, using a gaming format, realize the importance of sexual health, understand risks, and learn how to ensure their safety, thereby preventing potential problems.

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