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How a Man Can Prepare for Conceiving a Child - What Needs to Be Done?

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  • Published:
    27 June 2023
  • Updated:
    16 February 2024
Prepare to conceive a child

The conception of a child naturally always involves both sexes: a man and a woman, and therefore both parents are responsible for the health of the future offspring. 

The Responsibility of Women and Men Before Conceiving a Child

Usually, more attention is paid to the health of the mother. Still, the man's health should be taken care of, because it directly affects male fertility and, thus, the possibility of conceiving a child. 

According to specialists, a man should start preparing for pregnancy at least three months before the planned conception. That is how long it takes to refresh and fully mature sperm, their conversion into a final cell ready for fertilization.

How Should a Man Prepare for Conceiving a Child?

Let's examine the key factors influencing a man's reproductive health:


Systematic smoking is oxidative stress for the body, and along with the brain cells, the sperm cells also suffer. Namely, their activity is reduced. Conclusion: If you plan to conceive, it is better to give up smoking for at least 3-4 months.


The systematic use of alcohol reduces the activity of sperm cells. If we are talking about years of abuse, alcohol is fraught with birth defects for the future child. "Giving up" alcohol is worth it three months before conception, and if fertilization does not come within a year, it should be done necessarily. 


Not only the expectant mother but also the father should take care to have a balanced diet before conception. It is recommended to eliminate fast food. Nutrition should begin to be monitored as soon as thoughts of having a baby appear because unhealthy food can delay the process of fertilization.


The most common chronic problems in men that affect the reproductive organs are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and thyroid disease. Sexually transmitted diseases disrupt fertility and lead to fetal abnormalities, and therefore it is not recommended to plan conception. 


The best sport for the future father is aerobics, associated with staying outdoors, but training twice a day is not worth it. Overexertion has a bad effect on the possibility of fertilization. 
When planning to conceive, it is recommended that a man be examined for chronic or hereditary diseases. If infertility is diagnosed, standard examinations approved by the Ministry of Health should be performed.

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