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How does the amount of alcohol you drink affect your sexual health?

  • Published:
    10 November 2022
  • Updated:
    30 January 2024
How does alcohol affects erection

Let's look at the facts.

Research findings suggest that alcohol can be a silent murderer of sexual health even in the case of moderate drinking.

You may say that many people drink and do not see any aftereffects.

Perhaps they do not talk about them or do not relate them to the root cause.

If consumed in small amounts - approximately less than 25 ml of alcohol per day or up to 200 ml of dry wine or 70 ml of vodka - alcohol does not have a pronounced negative impact on sexual function  (Experts believe that there are no completely safe amounts, especially in terms of cardiovascular health). When such amounts are exceeded especially in case of regular abuse for a long time, alcohol makes a considerable impact on sexual (and not only sexual) health.

  • Problem one - you can lose control. Studies have shown that under the influence of alcohol, people tend to accept higher risks, have more frequent sexual relationships with new partners, and use a condom less often. Such situations increase the risk of infections including HIV. Besides, most cases of sexual violence occur under the influence of alcohol.
  • Problem two - alcohol affects erection. Alcohol has a proven negative effect on erectile function both in terms of achieving and maintaining the necessary “hardness”. By the way, with a bad erection, a condom is less effective.
  • Problem three - you may find it difficult to achieve ejaculation. Alcohol considerably slows down the time of ejaculation thus making you and your partner feel uncomfortable. Unsafe sex increases the risk of injuries.
  • Problem four – it is more difficult to take enjoyment, orgasm does not occur or become weak and shallow.

Perhaps this is the main thing. Please note that minor advantages such as the slight effect of freedom of communication that alcohol gives you are largely offset by its negative impacts on sexual health.

As a bonus, there are three tips for cutting down the amount of alcohol you drink:

  • Drink more water – having one or two glasses of water or a sugar-free drink before a party can help reduce a thirst for alcohol.
  • Go for lower-strength alcohol drinks, better low-alcohol ones. Studies have shown that this would allow you to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • Choose smaller bottles and glasses - buying small bottles of alcohol and smaller glasses will give you better control over the amount of alcohol you drink.

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