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Asked to Send Intimate Photos Online - How to Explain to Your Child What to Do?

  • Published:
    05 July 2023
  • Updated:
    01 February 2024
Intimate Photos Online

The Internet is, first of all, a huge, almost limitless, and anonymous world. So you can be something you are not in real life. You can do practically anything you want. Legislation in different countries is only on the way to regulate all of this space. There are tools to search for intruders. But! Psychologically speaking: protecting your own boundaries is your own job.

The World of the Internet

Remember that absolutely everything you put on the Internet will stay. Whether you delete it afterward or not, it doesn't matter. Therefore, you need to take the organization of your own online life thoughtfully and use your head. Don't do anything rash. And if you doubt something, ask yourself, "How will I look at this photo or video or post five years from now?" Sometimes that question stops you from acting rashly.

Why You Shouldn't Send Naked Photos of Yourself

There are many people on the Internet who are good at gaining trust and manipulation to achieve some personal goal. And if someone asks you to do something (for example, to send you naked photos, shirtless photos, and similar photos or videos), remember - THIS IS A GREAT ERROR TO AGREE! 
Only send people something close to the same thing. Even if it is a friend, even if you think you know the person on the other end. Don't do it. This action could have far-reaching consequences later on: you could be blackmailed, and those photos could get out and hurt you.

Why Are They Asking for Nude Photos? 

And then there's this thing. Real friends won't ask you to do things like that. If you're dating someone who respects you, they won't ask you to do that. If you're communicating with someone virtually and you've never met that person in person, and they ask you to send that kind of photo, think twice. Chances are he is not who he says he is.
Your body is inviolable. You have the right to protect your physical and emotional boundaries. The distribution of nude photos on the Internet can be equated with pornography or child pornography. Take care and respect yourself!

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