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What Are Personal Boundaries? How to Explain to a Child?

  • Published:
    10 August 2023
  • Updated:
    03 November 2023
Personal boundaries

Each person has a huge inner world! It is a whole universe. We all have our own thoughts, values, beliefs, interests, dreams, fantasies, desires, attitudes, principles, feelings, and emotions inside.

How to Explain to Children What Personal Boundaries Are?

So personal boundaries protect all of this and are enforced by your self-esteem. Personal boundaries are not always about what you can physically feel or touch.

Types of Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are categorized by types physical, emotional, temporal, and social.

Physical Personal Boundaries

Physical boundaries are the boundaries of your body. For instance, if someone starts hugging or kissing you without your permission, it's against what you should do. You can choose when and how someone can touch you.

Emotional Personal Boundaries

Emotional boundaries relate to your feelings. If someone insults you or imposes their opinions on you, you can say that it bothers you. It is your right to express your own feelings, and no one should ignore them.

Temporal Personal Boundaries

Temporal boundaries involve how you allocate your time. If you have many things to do and someone asks you to do something else, you can say you already have a lot to do and need some time for yourself.

Social Personal Boundaries

Social boundaries determine with whom and how you want to interact. If you have friends who do not respect your interests or your friends, you can decide who you want to spend time with.

You should remember that personal boundaries are your rights, and you have the right to defend them. You are not required to agree to something that makes you uncomfortable or that you do not want to do. When you feel that someone is violating your boundaries, it is important to speak up and protect yourself. This helps create healthy and respectful relationships with others.

Remember! Your boundaries end where another person's boundaries start.

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