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How to Overcome Shyness in Sex?

Psychiatrist, sexologist, psychotherapist
  • Published:
    14 August 2023
  • Updated:
    01 May 2024
Shyness in Sex

The first thing to do is to admit to yourself that there is a shy feeling. Even if the shyness is not a big "shy" feeling, but a slight "shy" of 1 percent.

How can one overcome sexual shyness?

  • Recognizing shyness is half the success of working on it.
  • Think about what hurts you more - holding on to shyness and having an incomplete sex life because of it, or honestly working on it with a 100% guarantee of dealing with shyness?
  • Think about the benefits - what does shyness benefit you with and protect you from? Here's an example. Often men are shy about the size of their penis. In this case, shyness often hides a lack of awareness or general insecurity. Think about how you can deal with this, perhaps by learning that worldwide, the overall average length of the penis at rest is about 9 centimeters and about 13 centimeters during an erection. For comparison, this is the same length as a ballpoint pen. You will find out what you didn't know much about the norm and begin to learn more about it, gaining confidence in sexual matters.

If shyness in sex is long-standing and complexes abound, we recommend working on it with a sexologist, psychotherapist, or psychologist. This problem is quickly and easily solved.

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