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“Normal” or average penis size: what is it?

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  • Published:
    02 May 2022
Normal or average penis size

    What is an average penis size? Could the average penis length vary depending on geographic location?

    In general, the average penis length in the resting state is approximately 9 cm and about 13 cm in the erected state. Just to compare, this is the length of a ball-point pen.

    The leaders in average penis length in Europe are Hungarians – 16.5 cm. The Spanish, on the other hand, has the smallest average length of 13.5 cm.

    The average penis length in USA and Canada is 12.9 and 13.9 cm accordingly.

    In Asia, the biggest average length is in Indonesia which is 11.6 cm, and the smallest in Korea – 9.6 cm.

    Concerning the hottest continent on Earth, the biggest average penis length belongs to the Democratic Republic of Congo – 17.9 cm.

    The largest documentary-confirmed penis is the one described at the beginning of the 20th century with a length of 33.5 cm and 15 cm in diameter, which is bigger than an A4 format sheet of paper by 4 cm.

    Some men assume that any deviation in the structure, form, and size is unnatural, and this assumption could lead to phobias, depression, and anxiety syndromes. Yet the male anatomy is similar, exterior peculiarities are considered to be a variant of the norm.

    As we can see based on the discussion above, norms could be quite different.

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