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How to choose the right condom?

  • Published:
    12 December 2022
  • Updated:
    15 March 2024
How to choose the right condom?

    A condom is a barrier contraceptive. It protects against sexually transmitted infections and protects against unplanned pregnancies.

    So, the main points in choosing a condom are:

  1. Allergies to the material or components

Allergies occur not only to all kinds of additives or lubricants but also to the condom itself. Some people are allergic to latex, so they should choose condoms made of polyurethane and polyisoprene. 

  1. Lubricant

It comes in various flavors, from aromatic to pepper and even edible. Choose the one that will help you enjoy the process as much as possible. Remember, an anesthetic decreases sensitivity, so if there are any injuries (in any kind of sex), you may not notice them and not react in time.

  1. "Specialization" of the condom

They exist for at least three types of sex - vaginal, anal, and oral. And they are named for a reason, and it is essential to use condoms for the type of sex you want. This will help make contact as safe as possible. 

  1. The dimensions of the condom

Often people complain that a condom is tight, shrinks, reduces sensitivity, makes them lose an erection, etc. That is why the condom can also be selected "for yourself" with a simple selection of trying different things until it suits you and your partner. Pay attention to the thickness, thermal conductivity, and sensitivity.

  1. Variety

We've already discussed that condoms have an insane number of variations - ribbed surface, with tendrils, edible, glowing, etc. If you want to diversify sex, feel free to take the sets, which have several variants at once, or single packs to pick up and find exactly what you want.

    Remember, a properly fitted condom is inconspicuous and does not cause discomfort when used.

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