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How to Prepare For Anal sex?

  • Published:
    06 December 2022
  • Updated:
    20 October 2023
How to prepare for anal sex?

The anus is a potent erogenous zone due to the presence of nerve endings there, yet most individuals are too ashamed to even consider the topic. Preparation is key to enjoying the enticingly wonderful feelings that anal sex may provide to a romantic partnership.


Just starting out with anal? Test it out on your own first!

Have some anal sex on your own to see whether you enjoy it. You may use your fingers, sex toys, and lubricants. In this method, you may test your anus's ability to receive pleasurable feelings while being penetrated by various objects, including the penis. An anal plug, which progressively trains and stretches the hole, is one of the numerous devices for pleasurable sex that the sex industry has produced. Pick a size that fits you well, with easy movement from top to bottom. A set of linked balls that massages and relaxes the sphincter is a suitable option for first-timers. Try using a little dildo on your own when you're ready for anal intercourse. When you’ve decided that you definitely enjoyed it, you may start talking about it with your partner.

Some frequent doubts about anal pleasure

Those who have never engaged in anal sex are responsible for many of the misconceptions surrounding it. We want to disprove such claims.

Anal sexual activity is unhygienic. To aid with intestinal cleansing, try using a warm water enema. It's best to skip meals for at least two to four hours before making physical contact, particularly if you intend to consume things that cause flatulence. A daily wet wipe may help eliminate unwanted odors, so keep a box of them near your bed. Protect your urethra from invading intestinal bacteria by always using a condom.

Inexperienced lovers should start with sex toys since the unpleasant sensations that scare them vary depending on the partner's moral preparedness and experience. Since the anus muscles reflexively expel anything that enters the rectum, pain is unavoidable; nevertheless, lubricants and techniques may eliminate discomfort entirely, turning anal intercourse into a pleasurable experience.

The anus muscles, like any other human muscle, can be stretched and retracted, thus the idea that you need special equipment to do so is ridiculous. Furthermore, the human anus is fitted with two sphincters, functioning as a type of protective mechanism, one of which we may regulate and the other of which operates automatically. Voluntary stretching is impossible, since it requires considerable (or abrupt) mechanical damage. To debunk this theory once and for all, try waiting 14 days between sexual encounters.

Is there an increased danger of getting HIV during anal sex?

The probability of contracting HIV during anal intercourse is 138 cases per 10,000 experiences. Penetration causes damage such as abrasions, microcracks, cracks, and other damage, all of which are risk factors for developing HIV during an unprotected act. Special long-lasting condoms and lubricants lessen the likelihood of injury during anal penetration and provide reliable protection against infection for both parties.

Discomfort or bleeding

Due to its lack of flexibility, the rectum often tears and bleeds when subjected to the insertion of huge things like penises, anal toys, and other similar items. The partner (receiver) here feels discomfort of varied degrees. Hemorrhoids, perinatal hematoma, anorectal fistula, and other nonsexual problems may also cause pain during or after anal intercourse. Stop sexual activity immediately if you experience any discomfort, and investigate its source.

For some reason, it wasn't to your taste

Although many individuals love anal sex, are open to trying new things, and have even reported feeling orgasmic after having their anus penetrated, this does not indicate that it is a necessary part of their sexual repertoire. Pleasure is the primary goal of sexual activity, therefore if direct anal contact fails to excite you, try switching to another kind of contact that does.

Five essentials for good anal hygiene

1. Do an HIV test. This is true for every partnership, but it's particularly important for new couples.

2. Remember to wash your anus before engaging in sexual activity. First, cleanse the anus, and then wash anything you want to insert in it, even if it has some kind of protective coating.

3. If you spill any fluids while having anal sex, a towel or wet wipes will be useful.

4. You may give foreplay with gloves a try. They'll put up not only a physical but also an emotional barrier. First, you shouldn't pay attention to what your diving buddy perceives as "dirt," and second, your hands will be clean as soon as you remove your gloves. Gloved fingers coated in lubricant become more slippery, allowing them to glide effortlessly past the sphincters.

5. You must take a shower before going from the anus to another hole. You can't put a condom in the anus and then put it in the vagina or mouth. Double immersion is also not allowed if a condom was not used during the anal exchange.

How to prepare for anal sex?

Anal hygiene: the facts

Cleansing the anus with toilet paper, wet wipes, or warm water after a bowel movement is what this term alludes to. Similar to washing one's hands after using the restroom, cleaning one's anus is a typical practice in several cultures. Because frequently forced bowel movements might develop various difficulties over time, it is not essential to use an enema before sexual intercourse. Just making regular restroom trips and giving some attention to personal hygiene would be enough.

Syringe use instructions

Although doctors do not advise routinely using an enema or syringe to clear the intestines, certain individuals may find it psychologically helpful to do so before their first anus penetration. An enema may remove waste from the rectum and make the procedure more sanitary, but it also washes out beneficial bacteria and mucus that contains antibodies. To induce a bowel movement, one inserts a syringe with 200 ml of warm water in a bottle with a tip into the anus, releases the liquid, removes the enema, and waits for approximately 15 minutes.

Is it necessary to shave your butt, or can you leave it all natural?

The anus is usually covered with hair, while some people have more hair or even a fluffy tuft. This growth does not hinder the epilating or shaving process in any way, thus the motivation to do so is simply cosmetic. However, you should shave your butt if the hair there causes you any pain.

What should I eat or avoid before engaging in anal play?

Avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages, soda, sweets, and cabbage. Consuming meals high in fiber may help restore regular bowel movement and intestinal function. There shouldn't be any unpleasant shocks during anal penetration if you consume a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, and cereals before intercourse.

Is it safe to engage in anal intercourse if one does not use a condom?

You shouldn't think of a condom only as a birth control method; its primary function is to stop the spread of STDs. Even if you have complete faith in your partner's health and know him well. The anus contains microorganisms and may infect you if you poke your penis in the bare. Maintain a steady supply of condoms. There are now separate "rubber bands" designed for vaginal and anal intercourse, the latter denser.

What to say while discussing anal

To convince your partner to engage in anal sex, you may either make a straight offer (for which you should be prepared to get a direct denial) or broach the subject indirectly. Everything you say about anal sex will make perfect sense to him or her, and if you behave appropriately, your partner won't be able to say no. Of course, convincing someone will take more time, but it's crucial to take things slow so that the experience is enjoyable for both parties.

It's best if anal isn't a shock

The last thing you want to do is offer anal sex while you're on high alert and there are just seconds left before the penis is inserted. Only a couple that engages in frequent anal intercourse may behave in this way. To avoid an immediate rejection due to fear, novices need time to mentally and physically prepare.

The best anal play begins with a conversation

You can't have pleasurable anal sex unless you communicate with your partner. Make sure you and your partner are equally open to trying new things before you jump into bed together. Share your tastes with him and get his opinion on some of your favorites. Even the most seasoned of partners may feel uneasy during such chats, yet their openness is a sign of deep trust.

Don't rush your partner into anal play

Don't put pressure on your partner to start making out right away. It's possible that you'll need to lay the groundwork and allow yourself some reflection time. Read aloud about anal sex, watch stunning videos (erotica, not pornography), and bring up the subject casually in conversation to pique curiosity and get your partner to desire anal play. Mentions of anal physical contact should pique interest and not be associated with something unclean.

How to prepare for anal sex?

If your lover declines an anal intimate encounter

Possible reasons for refusal include the partner being unable to break the psychological barrier and seeing his buttocks as untouchable, the partner refusing out of religious conviction, or the partner having a bad experience with this type of sexual pleasure. You shouldn't press for anal play since it will just increase the likelihood of rejection.

First-time anal sex? Don't make these rookie blunders

We all like to think that we're very grown-up when it comes to our romantic relationships, but the reality is that many people lack anal play experience and are thus at risk for making errors that may result in major health issues or, at the absolute least, a rupture in the relationship. Among the most widespread misunderstandings regarding anal intercourse are:

Avoiding the usage of lubricant

Since the anus does not produce its own natural lubrication as the vagina does, the use of lubricants is one of the preconditions for painless and enjoyable entry into a narrow opening; otherwise, damage to the walls of the hole is certain. However, spitting on the penis is not an acceptable alternative. When controlling the development of microcracks, it is best to use lubricants that are water-based and do not have an anesthetic effect. And just sex lubrication, not oil, Vaseline, or shower gel!

No preamble

When both parties are ready, anal sex happens. Get the discussion going and set the mood for romance. You may become stimulated and loosen up your muscles with some lengthy foreplay and caresses. Anus stimulation with mouth first, then fingers or sex devices.

Don't take precautions

For anal intercourse, always use a condom. You may apply lubricant on latex gloves and play with your fingers in foreplay.

Don't talk to your partner at all

By discussing your desires and concerns with your partner before initiating anal sex, you may both relax and enjoy the experience more fully.

Insufficiently slow

Never "insert" the penis all at once, even though it seems easy in porn films; doing so causes pain and ruptures. Instead, enter the penis gradually when the entry hole has relaxed. You can get clean and have a good time experimenting in the shower.

When switching from anal to oral/vaginal intercourse, do not cleanse your body

Inserting the penis into the vagina or mouth after having an anal sexual activity might lead to dysbacteriosis and oral/vaginal irritation. Never put anything from your bowels in your vagina, so just say no to double-dipping straight away. When changing from anal to vaginal penetration, it's important to clean the penis thoroughly.

Keep the toys out for more intimate playtime

Soap, a disinfection solution like chlorhexidine, and a dedicated storage container are required for all anal playthings.

When you're done having anal intercourse, hold your urine

To prevent the spread of microorganisms that might cause genitourinary disorders, experts recommend peeing after sexual activity rather than before.

Do not carry out follow-up care

Take a shower after engaging in anal intercourse to wash away any lubrication and germs that may have accumulated. The discomfort felt at the initial touch is reduced somewhat by using warm water.

How to prepare for anal sex?

After-sex care

After "unprotected" play, it is just as vital to practice good hygienic habits and wash the anus with water as it is before sexual activity. Anal intercourse without a condom poses a risk of urethritis in males, even if they have complete faith in the health of their partner. For 15 minutes after contact, you should urinate or syringe the urethra with a specific solution. It's also important to rinse off properly after an anal encounter, using a stream of warm water that travels from your pubis to your anus. Use a waffle towel or a napkin to dab your privates. If you take care to maintain proper cleanliness before and after engaging in sexual activity, you can be certain that it will be a safe and satisfying experience.

Anal sexual contact in 5 different positions

Whether laying down, sitting, or standing, you may have anal sex. Among the hundreds of possible experimental positions in sexual practice, there are five that seem to dominate.

Anal sex position: spoon

When you don't feel like moving around, giving or receiving a hug, having close physical contact, or making eye contact, this is the most comfortable posture. They're both lying on their sides, yet they're both facing the same way. One partner slightly raises his legs, while the other holds his pelvis and penetrates from behind.

Anal sex position: doggy style

One partner must go down on all fours, with the other kneeling behind him. The receiver can adjust the depth of penetration by bending at the hips and arching the back in this posture. This is a beneficial posture for ladies since it allows them to stimulate their clitoris without assistance.

Anal sex position: lap dance

In this position, one partner spreads his legs out on a chair or armchair, while the other goes on the penis and sits on his knees, turning his back to the first. You may control the tempo of the dance by placing your hands on your partner's knees and moving back and forth.

Anal sex position: back it up

Partners should be around the same height to enjoy this position. While facing away from her partner's face, the lady arches her back slightly and slides her buttocks towards him. Both parties may control the tempo of the sexual encounter, or the male can do so while simultaneously caressing the female partner's breasts or clitoris. This is an excellent option for those who want anal intercourse in a standing posture. It's perfect for light penetration, so you can focus on stimulating your anus's nerve endings. When one partner kneels near the bed, the other leans over the side with their back (and, of course, buttocks) facing the other person.

Anal sex position: reverse cowgirl

The male reclines on the edge of the bed or couch, while the woman rides astride him like a cowboy on a horse by impaling her anus on his penis. A woman may control her entrance angle and her rate of movement by leaning forward or backward.

Many people still hold the archaic belief that engaging in anal pleasures is wrong. In today's society, anal sex is considered to be on par with vaginal and oral sex. You may prevent pain and suffering and get the most enjoyment out of your sex life if you and your partner are properly and promptly prepared, including adhering to cleanliness standards and selecting the most comfortable position.

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