How to prepare for anal sex?

  • Published:
    06 December 2022
How to prepare for anal sex?

    In this article, we will describe how to prepare for anal sex, regardless of your sexual preferences or orientation.

    Discuss with your partner

    First and foremost, discuss your willingness and desire. Sex should be consensual. It is also important to discuss your worries about sex. You need to be clear that you can stop sexual activities at any moment, especially if something goes wrong.

    It is equally important to discuss your body position during sex. Not all men in heterosexual couples choose to stay in an active role. That's why it's important to discuss your role beforehand. 


    Relax both physically and mentally. If you and your body are tense, you would not experience any pleasure since muscles’ tension around the anus will lead to painful sensations and difficult penetration.

    That's why it's very important to trust each other and to be able to relax at the right moment.

    If you feel tension or fear, talk it through with your partner. Find something that can calm you and your partner down. 


    An enema, lube, condom, and foreplay are four important factors for preparation.

    An enema will allow you to cleanse your bowel, but it is not necessary to clean deep layers, you can always start trying with incomplete penetration (it is important to talk to your partner about this). The enema should be taken with warm water. The day before anal sex, try avoiding heavy foods, this will make it easier to cleanse the bowel and will not cause unwanted situations during penetration.

    You should use only water-based lubricants specialized for anal sex. The same applies to condoms. It is believed that protection during anal sex is not important, however, this type of sex can lead to microcracks and infections. Therefore, protection is important. Lubricant should not have an anesthetic. This will allow you to be more sensitive to the process and notice on time if something has gone wrong.

    The foreplay will allow you to relax more and feel more aroused. This is something that will help you to trust your partner more, relax your mind, and muscles, and prepare for enjoyment. 

    What to do afterward

    Take a shower to remove lubricant and bacteria. Have a discussion with your partner. As in any other process, honest feedback about sexual activities is very important. Feel free to tell your partner if you didn't like something. Any experience needs to be discussed, it will allow you to let know each other better and find ways for more enjoyment.

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