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Myths of Anal Sex

  • Published:
    05 May 2023
  • Updated:
    23 October 2023
Myths of anal sex

Anal sex is associated with a lot of prejudice, after which it looks scary and unnatural. However, in practice, it is more common in nature than it seems, and it brings pleasure even to men in heterosexual couples. In this material, we have tried to dispel three of the most popular myths about anal sex.

Myth #1 — It's Painful

Painful sensations are up to you and your partner. It is essential to be gentle and considerate of each other. Because of preconceptions, this kind of sex can be frightening, and it is not certain that it will work the first time. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare properly, as we wrote about it earlier (Link). Often the first experience of anal sex occurs in adolescence and not always with a successful partner. He may be abrupt and sexually illiterate, hence the painful sensations. But with proper preparation, trust in your partner, good lubrication, atmosphere, and the right mood, anal sex can bring a lot of pleasure without pain.

Myth #2 — It's Dirty

Yes, the anus is primarily used for other purposes. That's why there can be a lot of bacteria that are in the feces there. That's why, again, preparation is essential. An enema, condom, and penis insertion technique will help here. The enema will help get rid of the feces, the condom will protect against bacteria (it is vital to choose a special one for anal penetration), and the technique will prevent stimulation of the intestines. It is imperative to be slower, and it is not necessary to use the entire length of the penis.

Myth #3 — It's Not Good For Health

Anal sex increases the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. This is due to the appearance of microcracks on the walls of the intestine. There are also some consequences - fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids, fissures, etc. However, this all happens again if you do not use precautions. I remind you of competent preparation, the use of a condom, and not to "abuse" anal sex - the recommended frequency is 2 times a month so that the body has time to recover.

Follow the rules for safe anal sex and enjoy it. If you have any questions or problems in this area, we recommend you consult a sexologist, proctologist, or urologist.

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