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Interesting Facts About Sex

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  • Published:
    16 December 2022
  • Updated:
    15 November 2023
Interesting Facts About Sex

    It's always good to learn something new about sex! Here are some exciting facts to bring to your attention.

  • Studies have shown that sex relieves headaches just as well as painkillers.
  • During orgasm, oxytocin levels, the hormone of love and joy, increase fourfold.
  • Sex strengthens the immune system. Studies carried out by Wilkes University in the USA proved that people who have sex twice a week get sick with the flu up to 30% less often.
  • Sex is a drug. Endorphins, which are produced during lovemaking, affect the same areas of the brain as, for example, heroin.
  • The average sperm ejection rate during ejaculation is 45 km/h. And in a lifetime, men produce about 15 liters of sperm.
  • A number of sperm sufficient to repopulate the Earth with humans can fit in one capsule of aspirin.
  • There are about 4,000 nerve endings in the head of the penis.
  • Research by Dutch scientists has shown that people whose feet are warm are more likely to reach orgasm. So you don't have to take your socks off before sex.
  • Phenylethylamine, the euphoric chemical found in chocolate, is the same chemical produced in the human brain when one falls in love.
  • More than 500 muscles are activated during lovemaking. 
  • On average, a man loses his virginity at 16.9 and a woman at 17.4. This can be influenced by genetic predisposition: more impulsive people usually start their sexual life earlier.
  • Only humans, pygmy chimpanzees, and dolphins have sex for pleasure.
  • During sex, the part of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety is turned off.
  • 30 minutes of sex burns 200 calories. 
  • 3% of people on earth do not have sexual fantasies. 
  • An active sexual life may be linked to an increase in life expectancy. Regular sex can contribute to improving overall health and well-being.

  • The noise level during sex can be comparable to the noise level in a restaurant. This is explained by the fact that during the act, many people suppress the sense of pain and feel more pleasure.

  • About 8% of men and 4% of women claim that they sometimes experience an orgasm in their dreams. This phenomenon is known as "sexual dreams."

  • Engaging in sex can enhance a person's creativity. This is associated with the release of dopamine, which contributes to improved cognitive processes.

  • Regular sexual activity may contribute to improved memory. Oxytocin, released during sex, can enhance cognitive functions.

  • Women have the ability to achieve multiple orgasms in succession without a break between them. This is because the level of arousal can remain high after the first orgasm.

  • There are more than 100 different sexual positions, each of which can bring unique sensations and pleasure.

  • Regular sexual relations may reduce the risk of heart disease in both men and women.

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