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The Impact of COVID-19 on Erection

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  • Published:
    08 May 2022
  • Updated:
    05 November 2023
How does COVID-19 influence erection?

The impact of coronavirus on male erectile function has not studied well enough, however studies, already conducted, identified three major factors:

Influence on the Genitourinary System

The impact on the urogenital system. COVID-19 may cause hyperinflammation, leading to inflammation of blood vessels and blood clot creation. This poses a risk of blood supply disturbance for a penis, which in turn leads to problems with erection. The virus also negatively affects testosterone levels. After getting into the testicles, the virus connects itself to one of the proteins which causes a reduction in sperm quality. This is detrimental to a male’s reproductive function.

Effects on Psychoemotional State

The impact on psychological and emotional state. Isolation, social distancing, loss of their loved ones, financial problems associated with job loss or reductions of work hours, and many other aspects negatively affect men’s lives. All these things can come into play in a very short period. Considering all these factors, the number of anxiety and depression-related disorders significantly increased. A sexual function is directly dependent on psychological wellness. Even one of the listed above factors can negatively affect sexual health, not to mention a combination of them.

Impact on Chronic Illnesses

The impact on existing chronic diseases. For example, erection issue is one of the negative consequences of back disorders, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Worsening the course of a chronic illness, COVID-19 leads to even stronger erection problems.

To protect yourself against coronavirus and the complications it can cause, you should take the following protective measures: get vaccinated based on your doctor’s recommendation, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing and follow the etiquette, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and wear a mask in public areas.

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