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Men's Underwear: What Underpants Are Best to Wear?

  • Published:
    14 May 2022
  • Updated:
    16 February 2024
Men's underwear

Scientists have found proof that the style of men’s underwear influences sperm quality. The tight underwear will lower the concentration of spermatozoids in the sperm and make them less mobile.

The Impact of Tight Underwear on the Function of the Genital Glands

The glands can work properly at temperatures around 35-36 C, and if this parameter is constantly above the norm it can lead to disruption of the spermatogenesis process and affect the endocrine profile. It can also decrease the quality of ejaculation, which may lead to infertility. Researchers explain that the reason for this is testicles overheating and urge men to carefully choose their underwear.

Diseases of the Genital Organs Caused by Tight Clothing

Besides obvious physical discomfort, tight underwear may cause the development of inflammatory diseases of the genitals. The constant wearing of tight underwear mechanically irritates the skin and creates conducive conditions for the multiplication of disease-inducing microorganisms, leading to diseases of urogenital organs. In addition, the glans of the penis may have inflammation (candidal balanoposthitis), which might also be caused by the irritation caused by fabric friction, for example, low-quality and rough underwear (bulky seams, unsuitable material).

Long-term abdomen constriction by underwear’s elastic band is harmful to health because it complicates full diaphragm laxation while breathing, and causes a burning sensation, prickling, numbness, and pain in the groin. It may also result in hyperventilation syndrome (neurogenic breathing disorder), stress urinary incontinence, strangulation of the hip joint, and panic attacks.

What Underpants Are Best to Wear?

Underwear’s style is changeable, and though some men might want to emphasize the genital silhouette by wearing smaller underwear sizes, it is highly recommended to choose the proper size of the underwear. The most comfortable choice of underwear for males’ sexual health would be boxers.

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