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What do women complain about most often in sex?

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  • Published:
    09 July 2023
What do women complain about most often in sex?

     Sex is one of the most critical components of the relationship between a man and a woman and is very important in family life. But sex is not always entirely satisfactory for both partners; for example, women often complain about the lack of variety and passion in sexual pleasures. Many women, even in a strong relationship, complain about the lack of sensitivity and care from men and feel alone.

    But if we put aside psychology and painful feelings during sex (which is generally unacceptable, unless you are both fans of BDSM, S&M, etc.), you can highlight many things that girls hate most in sex.

    Inability to listen. Not always a man's caresses give pleasure to a woman. In some situations, kissing and nibbling cause nothing but pain, and the partner is perplexed and offended if the partner makes a remark or tells him how she would be more pleasant. 
    Long foreplay. It is believed that the first phase of the sexual reaction cycle can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours. A variety of stroking, kissing, and nibbling should bring the partner to a boiling point, but in reality, women often complain that overzealous and extended foreplay, even at a leisurely pace, reduces arousal to zero.
    Double standards. This is when the partner must always be ready for any experiment, and the man at the word "cunnilingus" squeamishly wrinkles.
    Conversation. A man commenting on the coitus process irritates a woman, especially if he calls his partner various diminutive words from the animal world.
    Constant aggression. Sometimes role-playing scenarios involve violence on the partner's part, provided that such behavior excites both participants. If the partner is unmotivated aggressive in sex and does not listen to the partner, this is a sign that the man’s behavior is potentially dangerous, threatens health and the relationship should be broken off.
    Avoid awkward and boring moments during sex by discussing them with your partner or breaking up with him before the relationship is at a standstill.

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