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When Sex Becomes Boring and Uninteresting - Why and What to Do

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  • Published:
    03 February 2023
  • Updated:
    20 October 2023
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Why is there a point in a relationship when sex becomes boring and monotonous? In a permanent relationship, people get used to each other. It is inherent that a person cannot focus on one thing for a long time. It is human nature to change their tastes. Years later, many people do not treat sex as a passionate flight into the world of pleasure but as an indispensable part of life.

What to Do When Sex Becomes Boring?

To address the issue of monotony in sex, it's important to remember: sex is an art that one learns throughout life.


One way to establish sexuality within a couple is to talk. The ideal is for both partners to get used to discussing sex at the beginning of the affair. And the only thing that particular conversation can lead to is the kind of sex you both enjoy.


It's been said that a romantic dinner won't surprise anyone these days. But that's a misconception. The man and the woman will enjoy an evening with romantic music in a beautiful place. And before that, leave a love letter on a piece of paper and attach it to the fridge. Many couples find it helpful to relive the past back to when they first started dating. To rekindle feelings and bring back the sexual passion, you can look at their first photos together, start a conversation about those days, then offer to replay the best moments. The two of them could watch an erotic film with a meaningful storyline in the evening. Once every two or three days, send a text message with an enticing message to your loved one to fire his/her imagination even more.

Sexual Games

As a couple, it is possible to agree on bed games. For example, conclude that for one month, the classic position in sex is eliminated. Introduce a rule for a week - to engage in intimacy anywhere but your bed. Invent any kind of sexual play: the rule of the bust, the bottom of the belly, for example. That is, foreplay only focuses on the part of the body that has been marked. Playful whispering, light touching secretly in a club, with guests, or even at public events.

The cross-dressing technique also warms up and adds variety to intimate life. Role-playing is a considerable field for imagination. You can use a variety of adult toys from an intimate shop. With today's frantic pace of life, there is barely enough energy after a busy day at work. However, there are weekends and holidays when you can enjoy each other. Another option is to make an appointment with a sexologist and ask for some advice. The specialist will advise how to refresh your feelings and diversify your intimate life.

Whatever stage the feelings are in, you can revive them again if you want to.

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