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Mid-life crisis in men, what is it?

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  • Published:
    31 January 2023
  • Updated:
    18 October 2023
Mid-life crisis in men, what is it?

   Between the ages of 35 and 50, men experience psycho-emotional changes known as the mid-life crisis. During this time, men experience what is known as a transition period in life; when there is an overwhelming desire to change attitudes and priorities in life. There is a reassessment of experience, and thoughts about the meaning of life constantly visit them. Often this period is accompanied by emotional instability, aggression, depression, a craving for alcohol, adultery, and a desire for a dramatic change in interests and thrills.

   The man feels trapped, so he seeks to make the exact opposite of the changes in the measured course of life. A mid-life crisis has two solutions: growth or destruction of identity.

   In the first case, the man analyses the reasons for his misfortunes and looks for options to eliminate them; in the second case, the man's actions are impulsive, e.g., he leaves his family for a younger partner, makes expensive purchases, quits his job, etc., which leads to destruction.

   But having a desire and realizing it is not the same thing. The feelings that arise during the so-called middle-age period dull and fade. But do not think that any desire for a fresh start that men often have, after turning middle-aged, is uncommon. People get a new education, start a successful business or go on an exciting journey. In such situations, it is vital to ensure that the new goal is justified and realistic and will not bring recent disappointments.

   To get through the crisis correctly, paying attention to your health is advisable, as natural hormonal changes can worsen your psychological state. It is a good idea to reconsider your attitude towards sports and exercise, unhealthy habits, and diet.

   "Spiritual" eating is also essential, and literature, theatre, and other cultural hobbies, or even learning a new hobby can help keep you mentally balanced. You must learn to "listen" to your desires, within the context of realizing your possibilities, without compromising yourself. If you find that you cannot cope with a mid-life crisis, it is advisable to see a psychologist or psychotherapist.

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