Why do problems with erections appear?

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  • Published:
    24 May 2022
Why do problems with erection appear?

    Mostly, the negative impact on erection(colloquially "stiffy", "hard-on", and "boner") is caused by three major factors: chronic diseases, incorrect diet, and medicaments.

    During their lives, men face different diseases, some of which at a certain age may transform into chronicle ones and affect erection negatively. The most common diseases are arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.    

    Frequent consumption of alcohol, bread, buns, and fatty, fried, and smoked food has a negative effect on the blood-vascular system and causes atherosclerosis. Unhealthy food also lowers the level of testosterone, increases the amount of prolactin, and leads to fertility and erection issues.

    Some medicaments like drugs lowering blood pressure, tranquilizers, neuroleptics, anti-depressants, neuromuscular relaxants, and steroids sufficiently worsen men’s sexual abilities.

    Basic erection problems are easily solved by changing the lifestyle, and Sequoia specialists have made a list of special recommendations that will help you to reach a full erection. You may find them in our application.

    Following these recommendations daily will allow you not only to improve your erection but also will help you to become more sexually enduring, increase your libido and intensify the orgasm sensation.

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