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A Child Doesn't Like His Body, How to Talk?

  • Published:
    24 August 2023
  • Updated:
    02 May 2024
A Child Doesn't Like His Body

Do you know who will always be with you and never leave you? It's YOU! You will have to deal with yourself for the rest of your life. And you will live with what you have. And what you don't have, you won't have to live with. And how healthy your life will be physically depends a lot on the condition of your body. If you start caring for your body right now, it will be very grateful to you.

Ask Yourself Why Don't You Like Your Body?

What specifically do you dislike about your body? How do you know you don't like something about your body? Who do you compare yourself to when you conclude that you don't like your body? How long ago did you decide you didn't like your body? Who helped you to come to this conclusion?

Body Changes During Adolescence Are Normal

With the onset of puberty and adolescence, the body begins to change to grow actively. And the most exciting thing is that it only happens sparingly! And during this period, it is normal to feel uncomfortable in your body, clumsy, etc. It takes time to get used to your new self. And most importantly, you need to give your body time to form fully. But at the same time, remember to take care of it.

An Exercise to Help Change Your Self-Perception

I'll give you one very effective psychological exercise, doing it for 5-10 minutes daily, and you will change your opinion of yourself in 21 days!

So, the exercise: every day in front of the mirror (you can do it with music, you can do it without music), DANCE! Move freely, and look at yourself from all sides, in different poses, with other facial expressions, in extra clothes, and without clothes. You will dance and jump. Just stand and study every inch of your body.

After a while, you'll start to notice changes. Give yourself and your body a chance!

Don't jump to conclusions about yourself. Give yourself a chance. After all, there is no second person like you. Loving yourself is a beautiful thing.

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