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Teen Wants a Tattoo. How to Talk to Them?

  • Published:
    23 October 2023
  • Updated:
    01 February 2024
Teen Wants a Tattoo

Would it be strange if a person in his 30s wanted the same things he wanted when he was 15? In general, do you think it's normal when a person changes his mind, opinion, or views on things, circumstances, or people?

It is normal to change one's mind. A person moves through life with different interests and speeds and has the right to like something today and another thing in a couple of years. Now about tattoos.

A Tattoo Is Forever

People often regret tattoos that they got before the age of 20 or so. More often than not, these tattoos were done without deep realization. A tattoo is a story on your body forever. Getting it on impulse is not a good decision. Plus, it's an all-important thing after all: the tattoo master is essential, the sanitary regulations of the tattoo studio are necessary, the experience of the master is important, etc., etc. Many dangerous diseases can be transmitted through the needle, which is used for tattooing. And all these points can not be ignored.

Start with a Temporary Srtiker First

If you want a tattoo, start with temporary stickers. Remember. There is no such thing as temporary tattoos.

So many temporary stickers are available now that transfer to the skin and last for a few weeks. This is a great way to get a feel for what it feels like to have a drawing on your body, whether you want it, and whether it draws unnecessary attention to you.

What Other Interests Can Engage a Child Who Wants a Tattoo?

Take your time with drastic things and serious things. You're at a great age when you can try everything: colored hair, temporary sticker tattoos, different styles of clothing.

At What Age Can You Get a Tattoo?

If you want something, you're bound to wait until the legal time to do it. And in doing so, your desire won't change. In most countries, tattoos can only be obtained at the age of 18. Otherwise, written consent from parents or guardians is required for this.

I know a lot of stories of people at 25-30 years old hiding, redoing, really not knowing what to do with tattoos that have been with them since they were 15. Not everything can be removed, not all the way through, unfortunately.

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