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Venereal Diseases: How to Talk About Them

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  • Published:
    21 February 2023
  • Updated:
    01 February 2024
Venereal Diseases

Talking about diseases is not the most romantic part of a relationship. Especially when it comes to venereal diseases, it is not an easy task to tell your partner about it, but it is still necessary to do it.

How to Talk About Venereal Diseases: Tips

  • Talk about sexually transmitted infections with your partner as soon as you know your test results, and talk to your doctor, not Google. Ensure that the infection is exclusively sexually transmitted and not through the household or due to a dramatic decrease in immunity. Don't put off talking because you are putting the other person's health at risk.
  • If you have had casual sex or multiple sex acts with different partners over time, tell each person the results of the tests. There is no point in throwing accusations at the person because he or she may not have known about the developing disease himself or herself.
  • The hardest person to talk to about this is your regular partner. You should not immediately accuse the person you love of cheating. Many diseases do not manifest themselves in any one way and are discovered by chance after a long time (they can have a long incubation period). You may have been infected 5-6 months ago by a completely different person, and accusations pounce on the current innocent partner. The same thing could have happened to him.
  • Choose an appropriate moment when you and your partner are ready to talk and are both calm. Explain the situation based on what the doctor has told you. Talk about the symptoms and the treatment. Recommend getting a checkup soon.
  • Do not panic. Today, most sexually transmitted diseases can be managed if you go to the doctor in time. To detect the disease in time, it is necessary to undergo preventive examinations every six months. Do not hesitate to go to a urologist or dermatovenerologist if you notice a suspicious symptom.

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