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Male Loneliness and New Year Holidays

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  • Published:
    29 December 2023
  • Updated:
    01 February 2024
Male Loneliness

New Year is a time of joy, fun, family gatherings, traditions, mandarins, and relaxation. I think you can continue the list of associations. This family and collective feeling stereotype is formed from childhood and reinforced by movies and advertisements. Against this background, when a person is alone during the holidays, they start to think that something is wrong. Loneliness can evoke feelings of sadness, loss, and even depression.

But what if the opportunity to be alone is accurately what has been missing for a fulfilling vacation? Let's think and discuss why this happens, and whether something needs to be done about it.

Reasons why people are lonely during the holidays

  • Friends and family are far away.
  • Loss of loved ones. This causes grief and sadness, the desire to spend time alone to experience feelings without forced smiles, and attempts to "enjoy life."
  • Difficulty in making contact and maintaining relationships with other people.
  • To avoid additional expenses or discomfort due to lack of finances.
  • Religious or cultural differences, customs that do not allow joining other people.
  • Negative experiences associated with previous holidays can cause anxiety, fear, and unpleasant associations. A person may prefer to avoid holiday events or spend them alone to avoid repeating negative experiences.
  • Shift work, studies, or other obligations.
  • Conscious choice - one may simply not feel the need to socialize with other people during the holidays. This long-awaited time to rest, relax, and engage in one's hobbies.

Advantages of spending holidays alone

  • Time for oneself, time to reflect and evaluate one's successes and failures, goals and desires for the future. Think about what changes you want to make in your life and what steps must be taken to achieve them.
  • Complete freedom and independence in decision-making and planning your time. You can do what you like without restrictions or compromises. It's time to take care of yourself. You can engage in your hobbies, visit interesting places, travel, or simply enjoy quiet time alone. It's a time when you can fully dedicate yourself to your interests and needs.
  • No need to rush and prepare many dishes, take care of guests, listen to criticism, and clean up before and after. No need to meet someone else's demands or expectations, or engage in pointless conversations, complaints, or whining. There is no need to give or receive gifts.

When you are alone, you are completely on your own, and it doesn't matter how you celebrate the New Year - in your underwear or a suit, it doesn't matter how many dishes are on the table, the main thing is that they are your favorites.

I recommend practicing gratitude. Make a list of things you are grateful for in the past year. These can be small or big moments, achievements, or people who were there for you and supported you. Write down each thing and try to feel gratitude and appreciation for it. This exercise will help you focus on the positive aspects of the past year and create a positive mindset for the future.

How can a man cope with loneliness during the holidays?

If loneliness during the holidays is not your choice but a forced measure, it can evoke negative thoughts and feelings.

It is important to understand that feeling lonely on New Year's Eve is a normal reaction. Do not hesitate to acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to experience them.

You can create your atmosphere. Try to spend New Year's Eve unusually - organize a hike, a workout, buy a ticket and go on a festive trip, explore new places.

If you are looking for a company, think and search for organizations and groups that hold holiday events. It can be a sports club, a volunteer organization, or an interest group. You can also use websites or dating apps.

If you don't have a pet, it's the perfect time to get one. They will not let you feel lonely. If you already have a pet, and it can be trained, teach them new commands.

Feeling lonely during the New Year can become too heavy and prolonged - seek help from a psychologist. They will help you understand your emotions, teach you effective strategies for coping with loneliness, and offer support during this difficult period.

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