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Pyelonephritis of the Kidneys: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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  • Published:
    23 November 2022
  • Updated:
    15 January 2024

We have already written about diseases such as hemorrhoids, prostatitis, urethritis, genital herpes, and others. Today, let's talk about pyelonephritis. We will discuss the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition.

What Is Pyelonephritis?

Pyelonephritis is an infectious inflammation of kidney tissue. Men suffer from pyelonephritis five times more than women. However, at an older age, pyelonephritis occurs more often in men due to a benign prostate gland tumor.

Types of Pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis can be acute or chronic and can exist as an independent disease or a complication of existing urinary tract conditions.

Causes of Pyelonephritis

Causes of pyelonephritis may be:

  • Urinary stone disease in the past.
  • Tumors in the urogenital system.
  • Intestinal disorders.
  • Irregular outflow of urine.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Adenoma of the prostate gland.
  • Hypothermia.

Symptoms of Pyelonephritis

The first symptoms of acute pyelonephritis are

  • Increased body temperature up to 39-40°C.
  • Pain in the lower back and lateral parts of the abdomen.
  • Weakness, headache.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Treatment for Pyelonephritis

If you notice symptoms of pyelonephritis in yourself, it is necessary to consult a urologist. The specialist will assist in diagnosing the condition and prescribe treatment. Treatment for pyelonephritis typically includes medication therapy, a gentle regimen, and physiotherapy procedures.

What Happens If It's Not Treated?

The disease becomes chronic, or purulent inflammatory processes may develop without proper treatment. If not treated, the condition will worsen, with body temperature jumping from 35-36°C in the morning to 40-41°C in the evening. Chronic pyelonephritis may constantly bother you with dull, nagging pains in the lower back, especially during wet and cold weather. In addition, chronic pyelonephritis worsens occasionally when all the symptoms of an acute process appear.

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