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Sequoia's Journey at the 25th ESSM Congress

Denis Galka
Denis Galka
CEO Sequoia
  • Published:
    18 February 2024
  • Updated:
    18 February 2024
25th ESSM Congress

Hello Sequoia Community,

I am delighted to share our enriching experience at the 25th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM Congress), which took place from 8th to 10th February in Bari, Italy. It was truly an honor for me to attend this prestigious event.

Participating not only as an attendee but also as a proud member of ESSM, this was a natural progression from our recent engagement at the World Meeting for Sexual Medicine in Dubai, organized by ISSM.

The congress, hosted at the Nicolaus Hotel, featured four rooms bustling with lectures, seminars, and research presentations over three intensive days. The international and Italian exhibition areas, along with the poster exhibition, provided rich opportunities for networking and learning.

International exhibition area

With over 660 doctors, scientists, and sexual health experts in attendance, including 220 from Italy. By the way, we prepared for this by adding Italian language support in advance.

ESSM president, Giovanni Corona conducts the opening ceremony of the Congress

The breadth of topics covered was impressive, ranging from the prevention and treatment of sexual problems to the impact of social networks and the metaverse on human sexuality.

Dr. A. Atallah presents a lecture about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Reflecting on my personal experience:

  • I forged numerous valuable connections.
  • Reconnecting with individuals from the Middle East whom I met in Dubai, we proudly presented a new version of Sequoia localized in Arabic.
  • Introducing Sequoia to Italian doctors garnered interest, with a professor from the University of Milan expressing interest in utilizing our application for research purposes.
  • Presenting to Doctor Israel, who showed keen interest given her prior involvement in sexual health startups.
  • Engaging with ESSM's current president, Giovanni Corona, I outlined how Sequoia could contribute to their mission, sparking further interest and a request for detailed information.
  • Additionally, I received a personal invitation from the ​board director of the Middle Eastern Association for Sexual Medicine to participate in their regional congress this December in Egypt.

Denis Galka and Dr. Ahmed Ragheb, MESSM Ordinary ​Board Director

Furthermore, Professor Mikhail Boyko graciously gifted me his book, "Sexology and Sexopathology," which I eagerly anticipate delving into to deepen my understanding of the field and glean insights for further enhancing Sequoia's impact.

Denis Galka and Professor Mikhail Boyko

Attending my second sexology event in recent months, I am hopeful that this will become a rewarding tradition, opening new doors and avenues for Sequoia's development with each iteration. These experiences fuel our passion and drive to continuously innovate, ensuring that Sequoia remains at the forefront of revolutionizing sexual health worldwide.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the UNFPA Belarus for their help in organizing this journey. 
For those eager to learn more about our journey, join us on February 20th at 19:00 at the Spirit Roof art space (address: Glebki 64A). The Sequoia team will be there to share in-depth insights and reflections from our trip. Don't miss out on this opportunity. 😉 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Sequoia!

Warm regards,
Denis Galka
CEO, Sequoia

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