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Pioneering Global Impact: Sequoia Partnership with UNFPA

Denis Galka
Denis Galka
CEO Sequoia
  • Published:
    22 July 2022
  • Updated:
    30 January 2024
Sequoia Partnership with UNFPA

Hello, Sequoia Community!

Today marks an extraordinary chapter in our journey as we proudly announce a significant milestone— the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing global awareness to the critical issues surrounding men's health. Join us in celebrating this groundbreaking achievement that paves the way for a brighter and healthier future for men worldwide.

A Shared Commitment to Men's Health

At Sequoia, we have always been passionate about men's health and the profound impact it has on individuals, families, and societies at large. Our mission goes beyond boundaries, and this partnership with the UNFPA solidifies our dedication to creating a global movement that prioritizes and addresses the challenges men face in maintaining their well-being.

Breaking New Grounds in Global Awareness

We believe that awareness is the first step towards positive change, and through this collaboration, we aim to shine a spotlight on men's health on an unprecedented scale. Our goal is to create a trend, a movement that transcends borders, encouraging individuals, communities, and nations to prioritize and invest in the health and well-being of men.

Our Team: The Driving Force Behind the Achievement

This significant accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the relentless dedication and hard work of our incredible team. Their passion for our mission and tireless efforts have propelled us to new heights. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each team member who has played a role in making this collaboration a reality.

What This Partnership Means for You

As part of the Sequoia community, you are integral to our journey, and we want to ensure that you understand the profound impact of this partnership. This collaboration enables us to leverage the expertise, resources, and global reach of the UNFPA to amplify our efforts in addressing the challenges and promoting the well-being of men around the world.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Developments

This partnership is just the beginning. We are committed to staying at the forefront of men's health advocacy, bringing you valuable insights, resources, and initiatives that empower you to take charge of your well-being.

As we embark on this transformative journey with the UNFPA, we invite you to be a part of this global movement. Together, we can make a lasting impact on men's health, fostering a world where well-being knows no boundaries.

Thank you for being a crucial part of Sequoia. Here's to a healthier and happier future for men worldwide!



Denis Galka
CEO, Sequoia

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