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Sequoia: Results for 2023

Denis Galka
Denis Galka
CEO Sequoia
  • Published:
    01 January 2024
  • Updated:
    01 January 2024
Sequoia: Results for 2023

Hello, Sequoia friends! ❄️

With the arrival of the new year, it's time to reflect on past achievements! 🎉

I am thrilled to share with you our accomplishments in the departing year of 2023:

  • ⭐ We released 12 updates, striving for excellence in men's health.
  • ⭐ Our app in the App Store garnered a remarkable 375,000 views (+250% from 2022).
  • ⭐ The Sequoia app page was visited 28,400 times (+157% from 2022).
  • ⭐ Over the year, the app was downloaded and installed more than 6,600 times (-15% from 2022).
  • ⭐ We published 73 articles, sharing valuable knowledge on men's health.
  • ⭐ Acquired the domain and developed a new website.
  • ⭐ Our website content is now available in English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • ⭐ We performed interlinking of articles and conducted SEO optimization for Russian-language content.
  • ⭐ Our articles received an impressive 439,000 views on Google, and the website attracted 14,900 visits.
  • ⭐ We updated ASO (App Store Optimization) and created an animated video for a vibrant presentation.
  • ⭐ Sequoia secured the second position on Product Hunt as the product of the day and week.
  • ⭐ Seven international media outlets featured Sequoia.
  • ⭐ We strengthened partnerships with UNFPA and the NGO "Vstrecha," and initiated contact with UNDP.
  • ⭐ Hosted an offline event on men's health and applied for participation in the MOST+ program.
  • ⭐ Our study, "How Sequoia helps improve sexual health," successfully passed blind selection and was presented by our Chief Medical Officer, Olga Nevdakh, at the World Meeting for Sexual Medicine in Dubai.
  • ⭐ We attracted ambassadors and reinforced the team by inviting two testers and one doctor.

We believe our achievements are impressive. A big thank you to each of you for contributing to the development of Sequoia. We have come a long way. Ahead of us are even more successes in the new year! 💯

Happy upcoming 2024, dear friends! 🥳

Wishing you all the best, kindness, and brightness in the upcoming year! 🎄🎅


With respect and care for men's health,
Denis Galka, CEO of Sequoia

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