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Does it matter to the partner what semen tastes like?

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  • Published:
    07 March 2023
Does it matter to the partner what semen tastes like?

   The uniqueness of semen can be compared with breast milk because the composition includes only vital substances, but the taste and smell of these products differ. Many sexual partners are interested in what semen tastes like. It is believed that in a healthy man without bad habits, the ejaculate does not have a pronounced taste and smell.

   As practice shows, semen does have a taste. It is not constant and depends on the chemical composition and the man's menu a few hours before sexual intercourse. Initially, sperm is stored in the appendage, which is a kind of reservoir, where it is enriched with ergothioneine, which has a characteristic flavor of raw mushrooms. The light sweetness of sperm is given by fructose, which is also present in the "storehouse" of sperm, but there is a lack of proteins and carbohydrates.

   The chemical composition of semen that enters the mouth of one of the partners is quite complex. It contains amino acids, phosphorites, potassium, citric acid, zinc, calcium, sodium, and various enzymes. In the male body, the composition of these elements is different, which affects the taste of the ejaculate product.

   In describing the "cocktail" of semen, women most often mention:

  • Bitterness or saltiness, this flavor is formed by the alkaline environment.
  • Sweetness, due to the sugars.
  • Metal flavor (minerals and vitamins).

   Alcohol, cigarettes, and foods with a pungent smell (garlic, onions, etc.) hurt the taste of semen, but strawberries, pineapple, and other berries give the semen an interesting taste. Semen gets a negative taste if a man is sick, including viral and respiratory diseases.

   Not every partner agrees to oral sex, much less to absorb the "result." Some believe that sperm is useful and tasty, while others compare it with excretions, like urine or feces, but what sperm tastes is interesting to everyone.

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