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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction Without Pills!

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  • Published:
    16 February 2024
  • Updated:
    15 March 2024
Fix ED without pills

A new method to treat erectile dysfunction without pills is described in an article in Science: Fibroblasts, tissue cells that produce collagen and are responsible for tissue repair and healing, are used.

Scientists investigated the activity of fibroblasts and their influence on blood flow in the penis of genetically modified mice. It has been discovered that fibroblasts induce erection by absorbing norepinephrine, a hormone responsible for the flaccidity of the penis. The hormone is removed by fibroblasts, which help dilate blood vessels. It was discovered that erection is influenced by the number of fibroblasts in the tissue of the penis - the higher the number of fibroblasts, the stronger the erection is. Younger mice have higher concentrations of these cells than older ones.

The Notch signaling pathway in fibroblasts controls how many of these cells are produced. Researchers were able to increase or decrease the number of fibroblasts by turning this switch on or off. The complete inhibition of this signaling pathway and a significant rise in the number of fibroblasts resulted in atypical prolonged erections" in mice, a characteristic of ischemic priapism, a painful condition where an erection persists."

The new research findings may be useful in developing methods for treating erectile dysfunction in men because of the similarities between the mechanisms of erection in mice and humans.



Corpora cavernosa fibroblasts mediate penile erection

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