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Valentine's Day: What to Do If You Are Single?

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  • Published:
    13 February 2024
  • Updated:
    15 March 2024
Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a widely celebrated holiday around the world on February 14th. It can be a challenging time for those who feel lonely. When couples are everywhere, many people without a romantic partner may feel deprived and vulnerable.

You might be surprised, but, for example, 30% of people in Europe are single. Literally, they do not have a partner. Does this mean all of them are unhappy? No, of course not.

I assume that at least once in your life, each of you has experienced a feeling of loneliness. That's normal. And do you know why?

According to existential psychology, all people are inherently lonely. This feeling can manifest in different degrees. Loneliness, the sense of incompatibility and uncommunicativeness, as well as the awareness of death, are constant traits of human existence. Loneliness is primarily a state of consciousness. It's inborn to the human mind, so loneliness can't be beaten. 
Loneliness can be accepted as part of our nature and embraced, but not eliminated. Only understanding and awareness of our nature make us human.

It is important to understand that feeling lonely on Valentine's Day is normal. Allow yourself to go through this feeling and do not suppress it.

In this text, we will discuss how a single man can make use of this day to dispel the feeling of discomfort.

Advantages of being alone on the holiday

Loneliness on Valentine's Day can be a great time for oneself. You can engage in hobbies or other activities that you have long put off, or simply get some rest.

Budget savings. As the holiday approaches, stores become hectic, and sellers take advantage by raising prices for flowers, sweets, plush toys, and other thematic gifts several times over. If you are without a partner, you do not have to spend money on buying gifts.

Furthermore, there is no need to adjust to someone, meet expectations, or try to please. You are relieved from the necessity to be dressed up to the nines or do things you would not want to do.

What to do on Valentine's Day if you are single?

First, create the right mood. It is no secret that a person's emotional state and even their physical well-being largely depend on their psychological state. To change your psychological attitude and celebrate Valentine's Day for all the lovers out there, we suggest incorporating the following mindset:

  • "I am not completely alone in my current solitude - there are millions of people in the world, just like me, who because of various circumstances and reasons, do not have a significant other, and they will all be spending Valentine's Day alone. So, I am not alone. There are many of us."

  • "I am a complete individual in myself, not a half - to be happy, feel fulfilled, and self-sufficient, it is not necessary to have another person by my side."

  • "Having a partner does not guarantee harmonious relationships and happiness - in many couples, relationships do not unfold in the best way and often bring disappointment and pain".

How to spend Valentine's Day if you are single

Make plans for the future. Being alone on February 14th can be a good time for reflection and self-analysis. Think about your past relationships, what mistakes you would like to avoid in new relationships, and what kind of partner you want to be with.

Gifts and self-care. No one knows your preferences and desires better than yourself. On Valentine's Day, you can treat yourself with gifts and show self-care. Buy something you have long dreamed of. Confess your love to yourself.

Love and gratitude practice. Another way to show love to yourself. Make a list of things you love about yourself. These can be small or big moments, achievements, or people who have been there and supported you. Write down each item and try to feel love and gratitude for them. This simple exercise will help you focus on self-love.

Communication. By the way, Valentine's Day is a great occasion for new encounters. You can organize a party or attend an event where other people feeling lonely will gather. If you are looking for a future partner, we especially recommend taking action, and being active in offline and online dating. The atmosphere is conducive to communication!

Complete Ignorance. Of course, you can take a completely radical approach - ignore Valentine's Day. Don't show any sign that you have any connection to this mass red-heart obsession. Don't go on social media, don't read the news, don't watch TV or YouTube, don't go to the store.

What to give to friends and loved ones on Valentine's Day

Many mistakenly think that Valentine's Day greetings can only be addressed to a partner. But no. If you have decided to spend this day not alone, there is hardly a person who would be unhappy to receive a surprise.

Gifts for friends on Valentine's Day that you can give:

  • Traditional greeting cards - "valentines". Tell them what qualities you love and appreciate in that person.

  • Sweet gifts for Valentine's Day - chocolates, jelly candies, cakes with special recipes, pastries, and other desserts that the recipient will enjoy. Such surprises are loved by both children and adults.

  • Going on an exciting quest or any active entertainment. An alternative to the day is going on a scary quest.

  • Accessories for gadgets, aromatherapy diffuser, a small decoration, a board game.

  • Subscriptions to movies, games, music, books.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day is a decision each person makes for themselves. Remember, the choice of mood and feelings on this day depends solely on you.

If the feeling of loneliness becomes too heavy and prolonged on this day, seek help from a psychologist. They will help you understand your emotions and offer support during this difficult period.

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