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Revolution in Contraception. News From France

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  • Published:
    27 December 2022
  • Updated:
    25 December 2022
Revolution in Contraception. News From France

    Beginning in the year 2023, France is planning to distribute condoms for free. This program is primarily designed for 18 to 25 years old people. The head of state Emmanuel Macron wrote on his Twitter account that from the New Year, there would be free condoms in pharmacies for young people.

    The French president noted an increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Thus, the number of cases of STDs has increased by 30%. This fact prompted Macron to start a "small preventive revolution" as an essential preemptive measure. 

    According to the French president, all young people aged 18-25 can get free condoms in pharmacies.  Please note, that since the beginning of 2022, millions of French women under the age of 26 were able to take advantage of free contraception. In contrast, previously, only girls under 18 had free access to contraceptives. 

    Free Condoms and the Sexual Behavior of Young People

    This great action signifies a concern of the government about public health. This is partly due to the high rate of migration into the country and the associated increase in the number of registered infections related to unsafe sexual practices. In recent years, the number of cases of STDs in France has grown to pandemic levels, and access to free contraception can be a great protective measure. 

    A downside of the distribution of free condoms can lead to an increase in promiscuity, a reduction in fertility, and lower responsibility for sexual interactions among young people. 

    While premarital sex is condemned or even prohibited in some countries, It’s longer subject to any restrictions in most social and geographic environments. 

    In addition to preventing of STDs, free contraception will help low-income youth with unwanted pregnancies.

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