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Rules of New Year's Sex

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  • Published:
    30 December 2022
  • Updated:
    28 December 2022
Rules of New Year's Sex

    Most people associate New Year's Eve with magic, presents, and pleasant memories, and today we're going to talk about a New Year's fairy tale, but ...for adults. Have you decided to spend this magic night together with your loved one? That's fine! Just remember to prepare for this festive event and consider several nuances.

    Get Your Outfits Ready

    Even if you plan to spend most of the time without clothes, it's still worth dressing up at first. Leave the conventional holiday clothes for noisy companies - New Year's sex requires fantasy outfits. Discuss with your partner and pick the theme. For example, erotic lingerie or stylized costume of New Year's heroes.

    New Year's Table 

    For New Year's Eve sex, we'll have to put aside the traditional "bowl of Russian Salad" and other heavy food and stick with lighter appetizers. We have nothing against the Olivier, but the "heavy" dishes are slow to digest and reduce the romantic mood. A single meat dish and green salad will be sufficient to “fortify” your body. A light snack, such as a cheese platter, bruschetta, fresh fruit, olives, etc. will lead to success. Seafood would be great, mainly since it's aphrodisiacal.

    Alcohol Under Control 

    A bottle of champagne or dry white wine is sufficient to get both of you in the right mood, with the assumption that you are "intoxicated" with passion. Remember, that abuse of alcohol and high-quality sex are incompatible! If you forget why, go back, and read again our article about alcohol and sex.

    Intimate Ambiance 

    Candles, aromatic lamps, beautiful dishes, festive tableware, and the traditional scents of pine and tangerines will immediately set the mood for New Year romance. Add to this pleasant music and the mysterious twinkling of garlands. Under no circumstances set the table in the kitchen, otherwise, all romantic moods will go away! 


    It’s hard to imagine a New Year without gifts! This can be sex toys, condoms "with special effects", lingerie, strip dance performed by you or your partner, and other fantasies.

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