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What is dick pic silent about?

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  • Published:
    07 October 2022
  • Updated:
    15 March 2024
Dick pic

Is it possible to draw a psychological portrait of a person according to a dick pic (a photo of a penis)? Well, it turns out that we can. The size, and shape of the penis and the amount of pubic hair have an impact on the formation of this portrait.

American scientists have decided to find out what impression of a person is formed by a photo of the penis. Their report is published in the journal Sexuality& Culture. 

It turns out that when people look at a dick pic of a person, they can form an opinion about the character of its owner. For instance, "typical" penises look more attractive, and their owners are considered to be good in bed, sexually active, conscientious, kind, and open to new experiences. 

Men with short penises seemed more anxious, while those with long penises appeared to be more attractive, sexually active, good in bed, sociable, conscientious, and open to new experiences. Thin genitals were also associated with anxiety, while thick ones indicated their owners were more sexually active, good in bed, extroverted, open to new experiences, preferred an active role in sex, and had more sexual partners.

People with untouched pubic hair perceived participants as unsociable but conscientious, pleasant, and open to new experiences, as well as having the least number of sexual partners. Those with trimmed hair were perceived to be more attractive, sexually active, good in bed, and preferred an active role.

The main conclusion of the research is that people are being judged by their dick pics, and this assessment is much deeper and more detailed than the commonly used “a big penis is good,” and this is something to keep in mind while sending someone such images.



Personality and Sexual Perceptions of Penises: Digital Impression Formation

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