Sexual problems among couples

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  • Published:
    10 January 2023
Sexual problems among couples

    Sooner or later, all sexual partners run into problems of one kind or another, no matter what the age of the partners is or the length of their relationship. By looking at the most common conflicts, it is possible to avoid or find solutions to problematic situations. For severe conflicts of interest, the help of sexologists or psychotherapists is needed.

If the level of desire is different

    One partner will always be more interested in sex, which applies also to married couples.

    The mismatch of interests more often occurs between partners with a large age difference. Specialists have noted that for women, sexual activity peaks after age 30, whereas for men, the heightened sexual desire between the ages of 20 and 27 is typical.

Sex aversion and sex addiction

    The passion of the partner disappears, and an aversion to sex then appears if she has no desire and her partner demands constant contact.

    This problem can be solved by finding compromises, either on your own or with the help of professionals. Sex addicts are akin to people with other addictions, and it is a medical condition that requires medical intervention.

When there is no time for sex

    Couples face this problem when "the love boat breaks up in the middle of life." To rekindle old passion, you must try to make time and space for intimate contact with your partner. Interestingly, "quick sex" in an unexpected place has a stunning effect that can rekindle mutual sexual interest.

From a medical point of view

    Doctors only deal with problems in sex that are related to physiology. Partners should consult a sexologist, as most of the unresolved problems stem from fears of one of the sexual partners, e.g., appearing ridiculous, not getting an erection, shyness of one's own body, etc.

    It is essential to consult a sexologist if pain occurs during intercourse.

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