What is the reasoning behind circumcision?

  • Published:
    01 August 2022
What is a reasoning behind circumcision?

    Male foreskin circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin fold on the glans of the penis. This procedure is possible for all ages.

    In this article, we will walk through the medical aspects of circumcision and determine primary indications for surgery. Following diseases, such as phimosis, paraphimosis, cicatricial phimosis, prevention of erotica balanitis complications, penile glans and foreskin papilloma, and premature ejaculation command circumcision procedure. 

    Phimosis is a physiological narrowing of the external foreskin opening, which prevents the glans from being fully opened. This prevents proper cleansing of the glans of the penis, which can cause inflammation. The disease can sometimes disappear on its own by the age of three, so the early age phimosis is non-treated surgically.

    Paraphimosis is a narrow circle of a long foreskin, which squeezes the glans of the penis, which can cause its necrosis.

    Cicatricial phimosis happens when the external opening of the foreskin becomes thickened or narrowed due to the formation of a scar, leading to bladder, kidney, and sexual problems. The cause can be a result of chronic inflammation (balanoposthitis) or trauma. 

    Xerotica balanitis is a dryness accompanied by whitish patches on the surface of the glans. The skin starts to peel with possible burning and itching sensations.

    If conservative treatment of premature ejaculation is ineffective, this could be a recommendation for circumcision. After the procedure, a decrease in the sensitivity of the glans can be noticed, resulting in longer intercourse.

    Apart from the above, circumcision has the following benefits.

  • decreases the risk of genitourinary diseases and penile cancer.
  • decreases the chances of contracting STDs.
  • makes genital hygiene much easier. 

    The downside of this procedure includes the risk of trauma to the penis. Due to proximity to the anus, there is a certain risk of pathogenic bacteria getting into the wound. In addition, excessive removal of the foreskin may cause extreme skin tension and deformation of the penis.

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