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Where Do Babies Come From?

  • Published:
    19 May 2023
  • Updated:
    24 February 2024
Where do babies come from?

You probably already know babies aren't brought by a stork, found in cabbage, or bought in a store. We'll review this topic to refresh your memory and clarify some points.

What Happens After - The Process of Conception

Babies are born. Childbirth is the successful natural completion of a pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs after conception. Conception is the process of fertilization of an egg by a sperm cell. During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the penis enters the vagina. After rhythmic forward and backward movements, ejaculation occurs, and the sperm rushes through the vagina to the egg. During pregnancy, the baby develops in the uterus for about nine months and then is born through the vagina. That's a quick summary of the process.

How Children Come into Being - Pregnancy

A girl can get pregnant at the beginning of puberty after receiving her period. That is, the body technically begins to have this "option." But this does not mean that from this moment, a girl can bear and give birth to a healthy child without bad consequences for her own body. Pregnancy is a challenging and responsible moment for which you must be psychologically and physically prepared. Giving birth to a whole new person differs from having a cat or a dog. Giving birth and raising a child is a very responsible undertaking.

Responsibility in Adulthood

Therefore, it is essential to treat your sexual partner with respect if you have already begun your sex life. It is essential to understand that two people who choose to have sex are responsible for the consequences of that activity. Two people should think about protection, listen and hear each other. And remember that "no" is "no."

"Nothing happens from the first time," "If you wash well right after ejaculation, you won't get pregnant," and "If you interrupt intercourse before ejaculation, you won't get pregnant" - these and other myths should not be relied upon or hoped for. Sexual intercourse (or sex) is an adult activity with adult consequences. Respect yourself and your partner.

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