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13 March 2023

Sequoia v1.3.3: Now Available on Mac for Enhanced Accessibility

🎉 Meet new Sequoia v1.3.3 🎉

What we’ve prepared for you:

27 February 2023

Celebrating 10,000 Registrations: A Milestone for Sequoia! 🎉

We’re celebrating 10k registrations for the Sequoia! 🎉

25 January 2023

Sequoia v1.3.1: Effortless Registration and Enhanced Exercise Control

🎉 Today we release Sequoia v1.3.1 🎉

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31 December 2022

Sequoia's Year in Review: A Year of Achievements and Growth

It's time, to summarise 2022. 🎄🥂🥳
So, over the past year, the Sequoia team:

05 December 2022

Sequoia v1.3.0: Enhanced Exercises and Data Security

🎉 Today we release Sequoia v1.3.0 🎉

What we’ve prepared for you:

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