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A Woman's Lack of Desire for Sex. Why?

  • Published:
    14 September 2023
  • Updated:
    16 February 2024
Женщина не хочет секса

Today we will continue to find out why women don't want sex or why they don't get excited.

A woman is Under Stress

Losing a job, moving, or having a bad sexual experience are all stressful events that make a woman anxious. Not everything she wants to discuss. A woman will appreciate it if her partner asks what he can do for her right now.

The Girl is Offended but Stays Silent

There is no desire for sex in a woman when there is a tendency in the couple to leave situations unresolved, grievances can accumulate. They lead to pretense and unwillingness for physical intimacy. Remember that quality sex is impossible under the weight of hidden grievances. Clarify these moments. How to talk to your partner is covered in one of our previous articles.

Woman is Self-Conscious About Her Figure, Scars, etc

Gained weight or the aftermath of surgery can cause concern for a partner. Most often, women are afraid of looking worse than other women and ceasing to be desirable to men. Of course, a man cannot solve a woman's problems of self-acceptance and self-esteem for her, but words about her sexuality can help raise her level of arousal.

External Factors Affecting Women's Libido

This can be smell, lighting, or sound. Out of delicacy, a woman may not say that she does not like the smell of the candle that her partner bought specifically for her. Or that she is irritated by the vibration of his phone when they are in bed. Talk to your partner about the intimate environment in which she would like to engage in sex.

Side Effects of Medication Usage

Sexual passivity can be a side effect of taking medications (such as antidepressants) or health problems (such as hormonal imbalance).

If the absence of arousal in a partner is not an isolated case but a series of events, it makes sense to discuss it carefully so that the woman can decide whether she needs to consult a doctor.

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