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What Every Boy Needs to Know

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  • Published:
    28 March 2023
  • Updated:
    22 March 2024
Boy Needs to Know

People have been interested in the anatomy of their bodies from a very young age. Boys of all ages are interested in the size of their penis. It's normal to be interested in yourself. It's not normal to start looking for flaws in the features and differences of your body. And there are so many myths and distortions about the penis as it is. We're going to talk about the norm.

What a Boy Should Know About Puberty

For example, the penis grows during puberty, increases in volume and size, and hair appears in the groin area. Puberty begins around the age of 10 to 14. You can't tell precisely when the penis will start to grow, everyone's penis is different, but everyone notices it. Different people's penises, like other organs, can vary in structure, shape, and size, which is normal.

What a Boy Needs to Know About Hygiene

From childhood, it is important to keep your genitals hygienic. Wash your penis head daily with warm water, remembering to pull back the foreskin and wash off the white stuff (smegma). If this is not done, you may develop an acute purulent disease called balanoposthitis. Its symptoms are itching, burning, and pain in the area of the penis head.

What to Tell a Boy About STIs

Another unpleasant disease that can happen to all people are sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The most common are syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, anaplasmosis, and genital herpes. All these diseases can now be treated, but they are dangerous because they can lead to infertility. However, some STIs cannot be cured; you can only manage the symptoms. The worst sexually transmitted disease is HIV infection, which ends in death.

STIs can run unnoticed. Often their symptoms can be similar (rash in the genital area, itching, burning, unpleasant discharge from the genitourinary tract, and lower abdominal pain). Only a doctor can correctly diagnose and correctly prescribe treatment. So if you notice something like this, don't wait until the last moment when it gets awful. See a urologist or dermatovenerologist, and inform your partner because you could infect him.

Every Boy Needs to Know About Protection

Avoiding STIs is a matter of personal caution, and using a condom is necessary.

The condom causing "wrong feelings" is a MYTH and is related to the fact that it used to be made thicker. Nowadays, modern technology makes a condom so thin that it is not felt. In addition, there is a massive range of them, and you can choose the right size. Yes, condoms come in different sizes, too. The condom not only protects against STIs but also against unwanted pregnancy.

By the way, you can visit a urologist, even if nothing bothers you. They can check if everything is fine with the genitals. These normal elements may be on them (sebaceous glands or pearl papules) if the head of the penis is open completely, and if there is no varicocele (dilated testicular veins). A conversation with the doctor will remove fears and misconceptions about the body.

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