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What is coming out, and why is it important to do it?

  • Published:
    14 October 2022
  • Updated:
    10 November 2023
coming out

Coming out is the process of openly and voluntarily admitting to being a member of a sexual or gender minority group. The word itself comes from the English word “coming out” (disclosure; exit). It is a reference to the phrase “coming out of the wardrobe” in which many LGBTQ+ people spend many years of their lives.

Coming out has many functions, including playing an important role in the global community. However, in this article, we have tried to show in what way coming out is important for the individual.

Acceptance by others

Unfortunately, not all people view LGBTQ+ people positively, but sooner or later you will definitely find people around you who accept and value your relationships. This experience allows you to get a sense of closeness, belonging to a group, and the support that absolutely everyone needs. 

Recognizing one's own identity

Recognition is exactly what the LGBTQ+ community commonly refers to as pride (hence the famous pride month). Recognition brings a stronger holistic identity of the individual, which can and should be built on. Note that identity here refers not only to a certain part of the personality (sexuality, gender) but to a holistic system. Because of one's own non-acceptance, subconsciousness often seems to “split,” leading to problems in one's relationships with others, in one's career, and in the development of mental disorders. 

Reducing internal homophobia 

This is a result of the previous points. By accepting oneself and being accepted by others, one stops treating oneself negatively over time, which helps one to live a fulfilling life and move forward.


Lying to people close to you about your private life causes a lot of internal tension. It builds up over time and causes even more questions from those around you. A successful coming out not only allows you to open up but also allows you to come to a sort of catharsis and relief. 

It is important to remember that coming out does not mean that you have to speak out about your orientation from every possible source. It can be your friends and family - people you trust and feel safe with.

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