How to recognize erectile dysfunction (ED) long in advance?

How to recognize erectile dysfunction (ED) long in advance?

ED may not clearly reveal itself, but there are indicators which could help to recognize it long before it happens:

1. Blood supply decrease. Penis is soft and it’s hard to insert it into vagina or anus.

2. Number of boners decrease. Erection doesn’t occur while watching erotic and aural sexual arousal also declines.

3. Partial or complete absence of morning and nightly erections;

4. Absence of penis reaction while having sexual fantasies;

5. Decrease in penis sensitivity. Erection without reaching complete firmness condition.

6. Necessity of physical stimulation for reaching stable erection (penis massage, stretching and rubbing).

7. Erection disappears completely after ejaculation.

8. A strong erection at the beginning of sexual intercourse rapidly declines in the process.

9. Soft penis glans during erection (poor blood supply to the penis glans);

10. Penis elevation angle during erection is decreasing.

11. Incomplete erection during sexual intercourse. Complete erection occurs only before ejaculation.

12. Erection level is changing during sex. Regular erection is changed by weaker one, and vice versa.

If this happens once or twice, this may not be a problem. But if these conditions occur more often than twice in 3 to 6 months, it’s an obvious sign of necessity to pay a close attention to your sexual health.

*The information is not medical material. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor.*