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27 September 2022

Why people don't always experience orgasm during ejaculation?

    International classifications of mental health disorders identify the absence of orgasm as anorgasmia under a common cipher, without dividing it into male and female anorgasmia.

23 September 2022

What helps with internalised homophobia?

    We have recently written about internalized homophobia. Here are a few things to help you to deal with it.

19 September 2022

Hemorrhoids: Types, Stages, and Prevention

In the previous article, we discussed what hemorrhoids are, and examined the symptoms and causes of their occurrence. In this current material, we will continue to explore this condition. We will look at the types and stages it can have, discuss preventive measures, and determine how to recognize the presence of hemorrhoids.

16 September 2022

How to recognise what is wrong with a relationship?

Everyone wants warmth, intimacy, and reciprocity in relationships. At the same time, authentic intimacy as a positive self-developing process should be distinguished from pseudo-intimacy, in which there is more pretense than frankness and more manipulation than empathy.

12 September 2022

What Is Internal Homophobia?

Internalized homophobia is a negative self-perception because of one's own sexual orientation. The full term includes biphobia and transphobia, which extends the definition to those individuals who are different from their biological sex.

09 September 2022


People are often confused about the meaning of sex and other forms of sexual activity. Vaginal sex is the penetration of the penis into the vagina, anal sex is the insertion of the penis into the anus, and oral sex is the insertion of the penis into the mouth of your sexual partner. 

05 September 2022

A Delicate Issue: Hemorrhoids. Symptoms and Causes

Ogden Nash once said: “Those who work sedentary earn more than those who work standing up”. However, many people from the first category have to spend more money on the treatment of hemorrhoids they have developed as a result of their sedentary work.

02 September 2022

Why exercise for intimate muscles?

There is a pubococcygeal muscle at the base of the penis, which is trained during Kegel exercises. As a result, it increases the blood supply to the penis, fills the corpus cavernosum with blood, and improves erection.

29 August 2022

Types of circumcision

Male foreskin circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin fold on the glans of the penis. This procedure is possible for all ages.

22 August 2022

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. When a man is a victim of violence

    A judicial proceeding between actors Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard ended on June 1, 2022.

15 August 2022

Pain and other discomfort in the perineum

    A common cause of perineum pain is pelvic floor myofascial syndrome.

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