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24 July 2023

Female Reproductive Organs - Structure of the Reproductive System

The female genital system is more complex than the male, which is due to the critical role a woman plays in nature - carrying and giving birth to a child.

24 July 2023

Sexual Shame: The Most Common Causes

Shame in sex happens to women and men equally. But women's shame in sex, unlike men's, is more socially accepted.

17 July 2023

Structure of the male genital system

The male genital system consists of internal and external organs. 

The former include the seminal ducts, tubules, vesicles, and the prostate and bulbourethral gland; the latter include the male urethra (penis), scrotum, testicles, and pelvic peritoneum. 
14 July 2023

Child Internet Blackmail - What to Do and How to Explain?

The first thing to do is to approach this situation coolly and remain calm. Under no circumstances should you go along with those trying to blackmail you.

09 July 2023

What Women Don't Like in Sex?

Sex is one of the most critical components of the relationship between a man and a woman and is very important in family life. But sex is not always entirely satisfactory for both partners; for example, women often complain about the lack of variety and passion in sexual pleasures. Many women, even in a strong relationship, complain about the lack of sensitivity and care from men and feel alone.

05 July 2023

Asked to Send Intimate Photos Online - How to Explain to Your Child What to Do?

The Internet is, first of all, a huge, almost limitless, and anonymous world. So you can be something you are not in real life. You can do practically anything you want. Legislation in different countries is only on the way to regulate all of this space. There are tools to search for intruders. But! Psychologically speaking: protecting your own boundaries is your own job.

27 June 2023

How a Man Can Prepare for Conceiving a Child - What Needs to Be Done?

The conception of a child naturally always involves both sexes: a man and a woman, and therefore both parents are responsible for the health of the future offspring. 

20 June 2023

How to Explain to a Child What to Do If They Receive Explicit Photos on Social Media?

Such behavior on the network has become possible from the fact that there it is easy to hide one's identity and, by violating the natural law, evade responsibility. Because if a person shows genitals to a passerby on the street, it will have severe consequences and punishment. Sending genitals is a direct violation of personal boundaries and can even cause psychological trauma.  

12 June 2023

Types of Sexual Constitution

In the last article, we talked about the difference between sexual constitution and libido.

09 June 2023

Nocturnal Emissions in Men. What Should Be at Hand?

Almost every man on earth has experienced it at least once.

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